RATT –  O.k., so I bought the new RATT album, um, CD yesterday, on it’s release date of April 20, 2010. Take my Metal word for it… RATT is BACK! Infestation has exceeded my Metal expectations and I am a better Metalhead for it. Actually, I’m in a damn good and cool mood because of this new RATT CD. That’s exactly what these new songs on Infestation does to me, they put me in an – everything is really fine in my world mood. No kidding. Take for example, today… as I drove around the city trying to accomplish some errands, I was cut-off and slighted by many self-entitled, turtleneck wearing, plastic people in their cars. Ah, did I care? Nope. I had the new RATT – Infestation blasting away in my car! All is well with the Metal world!

My favorite song on Infestation is, without a single Metal doubt in my Metal mind… as good as it gets. Whoa, this is RATT 2010 and I’m really, really, psyched out of my Metal skull about this song! While I have listened to this entire Infestation CD, I have come to the realization that this is NOT a RATT CD that needs to be listened to numerous times, in order to make an opinion on. Infestation will either grab your 1980’s Hard Rock and Hair Metal soul or it won’t. RATT has come out swinging, with 11 new songs that exemplify all the great things I remember about this band. Melodic, catchy and Hard & Heavy… RATT ‘N’ ROLL.

Stephen Pearcy has not lost any of his cool swagger with his vocals. Carlos Cavazo can still contribute like a Metal whiz kid, with writing music and playing guitar. Warren DeMartini has not skipped a beat as a lead guitarist. Bobby Blotzer hits the skins on Infestation like his life depends on it. Robbie Crane has arrived and conquered on bass. Metal be thy name. Holy crap, RATT was not fooling around with this comeback album.

Some may point the finger at me and say… “hey, dude, your on a RATT high”. My Metal response to such a remark is… damn right I am. Music… Hard Rock and Heavy Metal… are an all natural high for me or any human being to enjoy in life. RATT – Infestation is the new high on the Metal street. Gimme, gimme, gimme more sir. So lest it be written, so lest it be known, right here on Metal Odyssey, on this very day… that this calendar year of 2010 has been… RATTIFIED.

And I’m Metal gratified.

There always was and will be, those nay sayers out there that just don’t like RATT. Well, I don’t like sushi. I like my damn fish cooked please. For those Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans out there, who do like RATT, love RATT or are just infatuated with this band since their RATT EP came out in 1983… rejoice and accept the rattaholic status you are currently in.

My name is Stone… and I’m a Rattaholic.

After one listen through with Infestation, you are either with the Ratt Pack or out of the Ratt Pack. If your out, there are plenty of ABBA, Jim Nabors and Boxcar Willie albums out there for you to, uh, enjoy. Or, instead, watch some reruns of Dr. Phil.

I feel like I’m on a roll today… RATT ‘N’ ROLL that is.

Track Listing For Infestation:

eat me up alive

best of me

a little too much

look out below

last call

lost weekend

as good as it gets

garden of eden

take a big bite

take me home

don’t let go

* RATT – Infestation was released on RoadRunner Records.





  1. didn’t Boxcar Willie fill on on rhythm gtr with RATT during the early 90’s?

    ha ha! 😉

    *you don’t like Boxcar “Willie”?

    “Boxcar Willie was perhaps the most successful invented character in the history of country music. With his kitschy persona and stage act — he would fit right in with the rodents…”

    I like the track “eat me up alive” the best. Nice up-tempo rocker.

    The album is decent (and slightly better than I anticipated) but I still do not care for the production + sound quality.

    Yes sir – you are on quite a RATT “high”. Send that review over to their web site. I like it – shows your dedication.

    In the words of Boxcar: “Keep on Rollin’ Down the Line”!!


    • metalodyssey Says:

      Based on the “vibe” from your comments… are you, um, well, related to Boxcar Willie in any way? Is he your uncle? (:

  2. I agree. Unlike the stuff they released in the ’90s (“Detonator”, “Ratt”), this album fits in with their releases of their heyday in the ’80s.

    BTW, their debut album was titled “Ratt” and in the late ’90s they released another album titled “Ratt”.

    I saw Ratt on their “Reach For The Sky” tour in the late ’80s, and if (when) they come to Tokyo to promote “Infestation” I’d like to see their show again!

    I like the song “Garden Of Eden” a lot.

    >I don’t like sushi. I like my damn fish cooked please.

    You don’t like sushi? It’s wonderful.
    (BTW, “sushi” isn’t raw fish…”sashimi” is. Sushi often includes some sashimi in it, but not always…there is sushi without raw fish).

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I stand corrected on sushi. I guess I’ll never get a job on the Food Network. I’m also fortunate I did not go with my “Food Blog” idea too. (:

  3. I broke down and bought it today while shopping at Wal-mart. Way better than expected. I think it’s actually one of their top 3-4 albums of their career and I was a huge fan from 84-90. Glad to see back doing something worthwhile.

  4. Great comeback album, I really dig it, but then again I am a huge RATT fan.

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