JACKYL – And on the eighth day… God created Jackyl. The only thing is, I don’t think even God knew just how true to the bone, blue-collar and hard hittin’ this band was going to be with their Rock ‘N’ Roll. If I have said it once, I’ll say it again… just so everyone knows… Jackyl is as American as F’n apple pie. This is one Hard Rockin’ and Heavy Metalin’ band that I don’t ever want to see call it a day. Metal alas… a NEW Jackyl album is OUT! Even with Jackyl earning the distinction of being a touring band over the last several years, these Southern Fried, Heavy Metal foot stompers have released – When Moonshine And Dynamite Collide, released on May 4, 2010, on Mighty Loud Records.

Listening to Jesse James Dupree belt out his grainy, sandpapered vocals to the Janis Joplin classic – Mercedes Benz, only solidifies the fact that Jackyl aint lookin’ to cow tow to no status quo. Long live Janis Joplin… for Jackyl hasn’t forgotten her! I like the vocal cover that Jesse did with Mercedes Benz, I dare anyone to tell him it sucks… to his face. Cover songs are a mainstay to Rock ‘N’ Roll, they exist to salute the Rock legends and influences of our past… Metal be thy name.

Jackyl’s Rock ‘N’ Roll brand has always sizzled with, dare I say… fun? Good Lord… Jackyl is not only still loud, hard & heavy with plenty of bang, bang, boogie beat, they are having a damned good time too! Somebody call the good times police… Jackyl is back with a new album!!

* If there is one warning that should come with this new Jackyl album, it is: When Moonshine And Dynamite Collide – must be played very F’n LOUD!

* Oh, another warning should read: Not meant for the fragile and clean ears of turtlenecks.

In the event that I have to point out my favorite song from When Moonshine And Dynamite Collide, (well, that event is now), the wood splittin’ winner is – She’s Not A Drug. Metal be damned, this song kicks my ass from sunset to sunrise. This song is saturated with Hard Rockin’, fist pumpin’ psyche-you-out glory… PUH-POW!!

I Can’t Stop and Loads Of Fun reaches back for some extra heavy on all counts, with the chorus electrifying each song to the good ol’ Arena Rock heights. The song – When Moonshine And Dynamite Collide, escalates into the sound of a Southern Hard Rock Classic, almost instantly upon my first listen, to my Jackyl tailored ears.

Guitarist Jeff Worley consistently garnishes this new Jackyl album with fired up, inventive and groovy licks. Jesse James Dupree’s vocals has his Old School, heavy hurlin’ attitude and back roads swagger heard loud and F’n clear on each and every song… PUH-POW!

Roman Glick on bass and Chris Worley on drums hold all this infectiously Hard & Heavy fun, uh, I mean music, together. I just find it difficult for myself to hold it all together each time I listen to When Moonshine And Dynamite Collide… if this new Jackyl album doesn’t make you get up and move, then check yourself into… yes, here it comes… The Rolling Hills Lame Ass and Uptight Clinic. I hear they are giving out free turtlenecks too.

* For more info on JACKYL, just click this link: JACKYL – Official Website

Track Listing For When Moonshine And Dynamite Collide:

Loads Of Fun

I Can’t Stop

She’s Not A Drug

My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine Ass

Get Mad At It

The Overflow Of Love

When Moonshine And Dynamite Collide

Just Like A Negro

Deeper In Darkness

Freight Train

Mercedes Benz

Full Throttle




  1. so “AMERICAN” in this instance should read = R E D N E C K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ha ha…. 😉

    Midwest HQ
    (land of red necks deluxe)

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Did you know, that the term “redneck” originally came from the coal miners that wore “red bands” around their necks to show solidarity for their cause to form a union? This was way back, decades back, of course… 1921 to be accurate. It was “The Battle of Blair Mountain” or “The West Virginia Coal Miners March”.

      I saw this great documentary on it… I believe it was the History Channel. Whoever said you can’t find out/learn about American History at Metal Odyssey?

      Professor Stone

  2. around here I think the term “red neck” originated for people working in the fields and or farmboys.

    so when you work outside in the sun all day with a cap and t-shirt then you would then have a VERY “red neck” at the end of the day…literally!

    so, city boys were tan (or red) all over and the farm boys or “rednecks” only had a tan around their neck and arms. funny I know!

    this is also known as a “farmers tan”…

    **but let me tell redneck’s in 2010 can literally be found everywhere in the U.S. Typically rednecks are good people despite their (supposed lack of) intelligence, race and or how affluent they are.

    Very hard workin’ peeps nonetheless. That’s Indiana rednecks, I cannot vouch for any other state. 😉

    **rednecks in Chicago (I guess) can be considered city punks (or worse yet gang bangers)…red necks in Southern Indiana will only shoot you if you are trespassing.

    Rock on…..

    this concludes our Americana history lesson for today.

    NOT out in the styx

  3. Ugh…no, thanks. I saw them open for Aerosmith in maybe 94 or 95 and they were so boring. As lame as their albums.

    • metalodyssey Says:


      Plus you think their albums are lame too?

      Double Ouch!

      Do you at least like “The Lumberjack” song?

      … I’m “ducking” for your answer… (:

  4. I heard about this one coming out. Glad you liked it, but I’m gonna have to pass on it. I bought their debut back in ’98. It was okay but I didn’t feel compelled to listen to anything else they did.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      It’s just down & dirty Rock ‘N’ Roll… the JACKYL way! It’s all good though… not everyone is gonna like what’s on the menu. The only thing is… I’m starting to worry… are there any other JACKYL fans out there? I don’t want to be the “Lone Ranger” of JACKYL enthusiasm here at Metal Odyssey! (:

      BTW… Do you like “The Lumberjack” by JACKYL? That song really has stuck with me my whole life… (ever since I first heard it that is).

      Stone Alone JACKYL praiser

  5. poor Stone,

    over there sittin’ in the corner flying his lone JACKYL flag! 🙂

    *hey – who cares, I am sure I listen to music that I could not get any of my peeps to like either.

    they aren’t bad, but just a “dime-a-dozen” to me. I mean they already shot their wad if you will with that lumberjack song. What’s left for them to do? ha ha….

    Laughing Hyena

  6. I like Jackyl.

    “The Lumberjack”, “Redneck Punk” and “I Stand Alone” are fun songs.
    On their second album, “Headed For Destruction” is a good song.
    And on their third album, “Locked And Loaded” (with Brian Johnson of AC/DC on guest lead vox) and “Twice As Ugly” are great.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      tokyo5 has my Metal back on JACKYL! Now there are TWO of us here who dig this home-cooked and foot stompin’, Heavy and Hard Rockin’ Band! HELL-YEAH!

      I agree with your Metal assessments on all Metal counts here.



  7. When I saw them Jesse James Dupree had this wooden stool on stage with him. For their closer they did the Lumberjack and he brought out the chainsaw and was making cuts on the stool. Then he tried to break the stool by smashing it on the stage floor, but it wouldn’t break. You could tell he was getting mad and he swung it harder and finally broke and the seat part went flying straight back and missed hitting the drummer in the head by about and inch.


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