My favorite DANZIG song is…

DANZIG – In 1992, Danzig III: How The Gods Kill was released. My favorite DANZIG song of all-time is on this album… Dirty Black Summer. Oh yeah. This is the one. There’s something about the wickedness of this song’s tone, atmosphere and grooves. Plus, this song’s edgy heaviness and lyrics are what puts that sinister smirk on my face and attitude in my step. Dirty Black Summer is not a “fun in the Summer sun” song by any stretch of the imagination. With that said, all the guitar parts seem to remind me of those hot and humid Summer nights, where I am taking a long cruise in the car, with the window down, as fog begins to formulate in the air. I guess it’s just me.

Some time ago, I wrote up a brief review on this great DANZIG album. You can read it if you so wish, I actually recommend that you do. Just click the link below:


Oh, yeah, one more Metal thought. Glenn Danzig F’n RULES.

DANZIG as they appeared on DANZIG III: How The Gods Kill:

Glenn Danzig – vocals

Eerie Von – bass

John Christ – guitar

Chuck Biscuits – drums

Check out the DANZIG – Dirty Black Summer music video below. Hopefully you enjoy this song as much as I do. If not, well, you can always go back to your cross stitching and listen to the Fiddler On The Roof soundtrack. Metal be thy name.


* For more info on DANZIG, just click the link below:

DANZIG – VEROTIK – Official Website



3 Responses to “My favorite DANZIG song is…”

  1. Hard to choose what my favorite Danzig song is, but the song you choose is a winner, and one of the better songs he wrote and they performed.

    It seems like over the past decade his importance and especially this band’s contributions have not been as acknowledged as it was in the past.

    Great choice BTW

    • metalodyssey Says:

      The new album from DANZIG, “Deth Red Sabaoth” is unreal. Man, it’s as solid and “Old School” DANZIG as your ever gonna hear… unless you’ve heard it already and know what I mean. Your right though… it seems like DANZIG gets avoided whenever the prima dona Rock magazines or television specials do their “history” or all-time lists.

      However, things they are a changin’ for DANZIG… “Deth Red Sabaoth” debuted on the Billboard 200 album chart at… get this… #35!! Now that tells us Metalhead lifers that we are still out there making some noise for our bands!!


  2. Great song, but I got to go with “Twist Of Cain”

    And yes the new album smokes!

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