ALICE COOPER – Is Finally “Nominated” To The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame… Now What?

ALICE COOPER – Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for “acknowledging” that Alice Cooper exists! Wow… that must really had been a strenuous and heated debate for all of you “corporate” board of directors over there to make. So, what are all of us Alice Cooper fans supposed to do now? Are we supposed to be excited? Are we all supposed to fall for your phony “corporate” game over there at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Shame? This is the same “institution” that nominated the uncannily iconic KISS last year and then decided not to induct them. DOLTS! Now… KISS isn’t even nominated this year!? WTF? Alas, the whole KISS debacle is for another post… another day.

Rock ‘N’ Roll History 101 to the “corporate” Rock Music scholars over at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Shame: Alice Cooper was known as a “band”. That’s right, Alice Cooper (The Band). From 1969 to 1973, Alice Cooper (The Band) released 7 studio albums. Alice Cooper then went solo, with the release of Welcome To My Nightmare in 1975. Alice Cooper (solo) has released a total of 18 studio albums from 1975 to 2008.


I have been a lifelong fan of Alice Cooper (The Band) and Alice Cooper (Solo). No, I am not seventeen years old either, there are those days I wish I was though. I am old enough to know that the selection process for the nominees and inductees into this Rock And Roll Hall Of Shame is politically motivated by a clique of decision makers who thinks ABBA carries more “musical excellence” than the likes of: RUSH, Cheap Trick, KISS, T. Rex and The Moody Blues. (LOL). There are many more to add to this legendary list, however, my Metal point has been made clear.

At the end of the day, true fans of Alice Cooper (The Band & Solo), will never tire of their loyalty. A true fan cherishes the music their favorite bands and musicians create, regardless of what some millionaire CEO and his “out of touch” board of directors may say, in some overpriced building in Cleveland, Ohio.

A Rock ‘N’ Roll icon such as Alice Cooper does not need to be reassured of his status and acceptance by induction into any damn hall of fame. Sure, it is an honor to be inducted… only it should be a bigger honor to know your fans revere your music and accept you for who you are, regardless. Alice Cooper is BIGGER than The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame… and that “establishment” knows it.

I say this time and again… that I revere many of the bands and musicians that have been inducted into this building. The slimy political posturing, that affects the nomination and induction process is what ruins what would have been a very grand idea from the very beginning… to have a credible Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for fans to gravitate to. Sadly, that “type” of Hall Of Fame just doesn’t exist for this Rock ‘N’ Roll fan.

* Here is the “original” band lineup for Alice Cooper (The Band)… maybe someone can pass this information along to the Rock Music “scholars” that oversee who gets inducted into that building in Cleveland.

Alice Cooper – vocalist

Glen Buxton – guitarist

Michael Bruce – guitarist, keyboardist

Dennis Dunaway – bass guitarist

Neal Smith – drummer



12 Responses to “ALICE COOPER – Is Finally “Nominated” To The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame… Now What?”

  1. I think the rock n roll of fame to quote the Sex Pistols were they were inducted is a piss stain, I could not have said it better myself

  2. Well put Stone, well put…

  3. I agree with Manny. The rock ‘n roll HOF is a joke. No true rock fan should give a flip about their favorite artists getting in.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Right on. I just get so tired of this “institution” playing “head games” with our beloved Legends Of Hard Rock & Metal… such as KISS and now Alice Cooper. I just want to stick up for them. In the end you are so right… who gives a “flip”. That place in Cleveland needs to know not every fan is in “awe” of how it conducts permanent enshrinement. Venting feels good though!

  4. I am pretty sure they do not know Cooper “band” or “solo” even exists.

    *Maybe it’s cause Slash played GTR on some of the later material! ha ha

    Rock on!


    • metalodyssey Says:

      Right? Plus… Greg Hampton plays some insane guitar on “Along Came A Spider” too! He wrote some great music for that album. 😉

  5. I’m with the crowd. Who cares. I’m happy for Alice, but I couldn’t help being disappointed with Iggy for making such a big deal about it last year.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Yeah… any band or musician who gets inducted should just call it the way it is… and just say publicly that the whole “process” of getting inducted into this place is inexcusably silly and lame. What does an “actual inductee” have to lose by standing up for legends such as Alice Cooper, KISS, The Moody Blues, Heart, The Doobie Brothers… man, the list gets long.

  6. My main problem with the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is not they have Madonna ( who I am fan of) and Bee Gees (who I can’t stand) are in the Hall, personally they both deserve to be in the Hall IMO, but it is the snobbery toward heavy metal. These assclowns maybe falling all over themselves praising metal pioneers such as AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin but when these bands were in their heyday Rolling Stone magazine hated them and called them crap!!!

    Of course now these deaf tone idiots are praising them and calling them innovaters.

    Also these guys have continued to ignore bands like KISS, Rush, Deep Purple (!!!!!!!) Judas Priest (!?!?!?!) among others to quote the Sex Pistols one more time they are nothing more than a piss stain.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Rush. Deep Purple. Judas Priest. KISS. Whoa. It’s unreal isn’t it?

      I can’t even count how many interviews I read and have conducted myself… where a musician, (young & veteran), “consistently” brings up RUSH and KISS as “influential” to their career in music. It’s outrageous the number of times it’s stated.

      Another Legend that belongs in this place is… Glenn Hughes. His name is brought up constantly as well in interviews… as being “influential”.

      The “Rock scholars” and CEO of this hall of fame know “0” about Rock ‘N’ Roll roots after 1970. These “Rock scholars” or “mystery people” who get the bands and musicians inducted there, were probably banning Heavy Metal from their children’s ears back in the 80’s when the PMRC started crying about how “dangerous” it was to society.

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