Marty Friedman – Happy Birthday From Metal Odyssey!

MARTY FRIEDMAN – World renowned & legendary guitarist Marty Friedman turns 48 years old today, December 8, 2010. Happy Metal Birthday Marty! Marty Friedman solidified his elite guitar status during his days as a Metal axe slinger for the ultra-legendary Megadeth, appearing on five of their albums. Marty played guitar alongside Dave Mustaine, on such seminal Megadeth albums as: Rust In Peace, Countdown To Extinction, Youthanasia, Cryptic Writings and Risk.

Marty was already the established and well revered guitarist among the Heavy Metal universe before that historic gig. Teaming up with guitar great Jason Becker to form Cacophony, releasing Speed Metal Symphony in 1987, on Shrapnel Records. Speed Metal and the art of shredding was highlighted by the neo-classical Metal techniques and skill that Marty and Jason bestowed with their Cacophony team-up. Go Off! was the second and final studio album from Cacophony, released in 1988, (Shrapnel).

That is Marty on the left, Jason on the right, (above album cover). This was a very cool album then and it still is now. Metal Odyssey highly recommends both Cacophony albums… don’t pay attention to any old and stale mainstream album reviews on ’em, those mainstream Rock critics don’t know what they’re listening to anyways.

* Marty Friedman founded the Heavy Metal band Hawaii, back in 1982. From 1983 to 1985, Hawaii released three full-length studio albums. Hawaii could best be described as Speed meets Power Metal.

* Marty Friedman has also released 12 solo albums, (studio & live combined), from 1988 to 2010 and has always been known for his instructional videos/DVD’s on guitar playing and techniques as well.

* Above is a really cool Japanese promo poster/ad for Marty Friedman’s 1996 solo album – True Obsessions, released on Shrapnel Records.

* For more info on Marty Friedman, just click on the cool link below:

Marty Friedman – Official Website



7 Responses to “Marty Friedman – Happy Birthday From Metal Odyssey!”

  1. Did you know that Marty Friedman’s wife is Japanese? And he can speak / read Japanese fluently?
    Also, he has been living here in Tokyo since leaving Megadeth.

    He was in the “FANTA band” too:

    I didn’t know his birthday was December 8th.
    There were two infamous events that occurred on that date:

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I just knew you were gonna comment on Marty!! From what I’ve read, he is a “huge deal” in Japan too… a television personality as well. Thanks for the Fanta band addition too. 🙂 I’ll be checking out your link.

  2. Man you forgot to mention the deaths of Lennon and Dimebag, anyways cool post, I heard there are talks about him reunting with Megadeth.

  3. Also it is Jim Morrisons birthday

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Man, I always wonder to myself… what would it have been like if Jim Morrison did not pass away so young? I am an admitted fan of The Doors… my favorite song “all-time” from them is “Love Her Madly”.

      • Man that is a great song from them, but I think their biggest hit, Break On Through To The Other Side, is their best, I am not a big Doors fan but Jim Morrison was such a talented singer and songwriter.

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