CROWBAR “The Cemetery Angels” Music Video – Raging Sludge Metal For Your Ears And Eyes!

CROWBAR – This is not a meat and potatoes Metal band. No sir. Instead, CROWBAR is: a roast the entire pig over an open pit of fire, while the beer is flowing from the kegs… Sludge Metal band. Metal be thy name, CROWBAR is one serious band of maximized and seriously Heavy sound. Take a Metal moment to watch and listen for yourself below, The Cemetery Angels.

Listen to The Cemetery Angels and get set Metal straight from the raging and mind jolting vocals of Kirk Windstein. Listen intently also to Kirk, the riff master, then tell me he isn’t one bad ass leader of CROWBAR. At Metal Odyssey, Kirk Windstein and CROWBAR are forever bad ass… so let it be Metal written, so let it be Metal done. Play this song LOUD and it will serve you right.

I hope you get as Metal thrilled as I do, from CROWBAR and The Cemetary Angels.

* The Cemetery Angels is from the forthcoming CROWBAR album – Sever The Wicked Hand.

* Sever The Wicked Hand releases in the U.S. on February 8th, 2011, on eOne Music.

* For more info on CROWBAR, click on the links below:

CROWBAR – Official Website

CROWBAR – myspace music


Kirk Windstein – vocals & guitar

Matthew Brunson – guitar

Patrick Bruders – bass

Tommy Buckley – drums




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