HEMOPTYSIS “Misanthropic Slaughter” – Debut Album Is CAN’T MISS Thrash Metal For 2011 and Beyond!

HEMOPTYSIS Real Thrash Metal will never say die or succumb to the mainstream. Metal, albeit Death or Black, grows stronger each day, one band and fan at a time. Old School Thrash Metal combined with a fresh and real sound of Extreme Metal, encompassing both Death and Black Metal influences is being played now by a young generation of talented Metal musicians. Thank the Metal Gods they are out there.

One such real and talented Metal band that fits this Metal mold and has risen from the pack is Phoenix Arizona’s very own HEMOPTYSIS… and their brand of Thrash Metal is to be heard and reckoned with. This isn’t carbon copy Thrash Metal that HEMOPTYSIS is unleashing on their debut full-length album Misanthropic Slaughter, (which is being self-released on March 8, 2011). Instead, this is about a Thrashing Extreme Metal torch being being lit by this band… and HEMOPTYSIS knows how to keep it’s F’n sacred Thrash Metal fire burning.

The first time Misanthropic Slaughter entered my ears, a realization flooded through my Metal mind and veins that HEMOPTYSIS is a band that cannot be stopped nor contained… not when the Thrash I’m hearing is this staggering. How on Earth can HEMOPTYSIS be an unsigned band? Some may question my Metal enthusiasm here… I respond by stating: this is a band that has 0% tolerance for pretentious Metal and has administered to my ears an original sound, that is bad ass personified.

What HEMOPTYSIS has created here with Misanthropic Slaughter, is a Thrash Metal album that has brought back an excitement that I’ve been yearning for from an “up and coming” Thrash Band (or any young Metal Band) for quite a few years now. From beginning to end, this album is a non-stop Metal high for me. Masaki Murashita on vocals is as original as they come, sounding as if he has ascended from the fiery and evil depths of inner Earth to spread his Metal mandate upon us all. In all my years of being a Thrash Metal loyalist, I can bravely admit Masaki’s vocals are the driving force behind HEMOPTYSIS being an Extreme Thrash presence.

One explicit identity of Masaki’s vocals is there being a defined trait of Death Metal fusing with Black Metal. Shades of multiple Metal genres will inevitably appear within the music of a new Metal Band, our beloved Metal genres influence is due to their decades of survival and acute dominance. Thank you Mr. Murashita, may I please have more? Masaki’s guitar licks alongside lead guitarist Ryan Miller are stuff of Thrash legend in another two decades from now… or much sooner. And I’ll add, that Masaki can light it up with an insane guitar solo on The Cycle, making his double Metal threat as vocalist and guitarist extremely formidable.

The sound clarity and across the board production on Misanthropic Slaughter is top tier quality. With “Grammy Award” winning producer Ryan Greene at the helm (Megadeth, Authority Zero, NOFX) Misanthropic Slaughter comes alive with an enriched sonic potency, with each instrument being played never succumbing to any hinderances. After my first few thorough listens to this album, I’m astonished it is a debut offering from HEMOPTYSIS… the songwriting, vocals and playing is that mature.

To say all eleven songs on Misanthropic Slaughter burn with an intensity of unreal speed and driving Thrash Metal force sounds rather cliche’, only it is the DAMNED Metal truth! My God has a new Thrash Metal Band crossed my Metal path and set me F’n Metal straight! The grand thing about it all, is that I never expected this! The solo’s that Ryan Miller turns loose on this album are F’n mind blowing. Period. Impending Doom, And The World Dies… it doesn’t make a difference, every ruthless guitar lead and solo that Ryan Miller assaults my eardrums with has me asking: Thank you Mr. Miller, may I please have more?

Yes, the unyielding combination of Masaki Murashita and Ryan Miller I have exposed… and for admirable Metal reasons. However, there is the Thrashin’ and Metal groovin’ rhythm combo of Sunao Arai on bass and Travis Thune on drums. Sunao and Travis make this album’s Metal sound rise to a stunning level, thanks in part to both of them penetrating any hollow cavity of silence with their thunderous beats. Sunao’s bass and Travis’s drums are vital in making these songs rage along at such a precise and breathtaking Thrash pace! If there is any better way to describe Sunao and Travis as players, then I’ll anoint them as the Thunder Gods of HEMOPTYSIS right now and be Metal done with it. Thank you Mr. Arai and Mr. Thune, may I please have more?

Yes Virginia, there is a Metal Claus and he delivered the Thrash Metal package to my Metal door. That Thrashin’ and Extreme lined package is Misanthropic Slaughter. At times, there is Metal melody that seeps out of that guitar of Ryan Miller’s and that is a favorable attribute. Masaki Murashita has given the Thrash Metal genre a whole new voice to identify with and that too, is a favorable attribute.

Hearing HEMOPTYSIS is Metal believing. There is a strong crossover appeal with HEMOPTYSIS, Thrash Metal, Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal fans can all benefit from Misanthropic Slaughter. There are no gimmicks or commercial leanings to be found and dissected here, it’s all about the songs, the real and meteoric Thrash Metal which empower’s me to state: Misanthropic Slaughter is an album that has CAN’T POSSIBLY MISS radiating from it’s every Metal nook and evil cranny. Metal be thy name.




* Misanthropic Slaughter releases on March 8, 2011 and will be available through iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.com.

* HEMOPTYSIS “have been dubbed” the 2009 and 2010 “Metal Artist Of The Year” by The Los Angeles/Phoenix Music Awards.

* HEMOPTYSIS has 13 endorsements, which include: Jackson Guitars, KRANK Amplification, PEAVEY, EMG Pickups, Coffin Case and In Tune Guitar Picks Inc. to name a many few.

* Misanthropic Slaughter is the follow-up to the this band’s critically acclaimed EP – Who Needs A Sheppard?

* For more info on HEMOPTYSIS, just click on the links below:

HEMOPTYSIS – Official Website


HEMOPTYSIS – myspace music



Masaki Murashita – vocals & guitar

Ryan Miller – lead guitar

Sunao Arai – bass

Travis Thune – drums

Misanthropic Slaughter Track Listing:

Misanthropic Slaughter



Impending Doom

And The World Dies


The Cycle

Blood Storm

Shadow of Death


End of Sorrow




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  3. […] HEMOPTYSIS “Misanthropic Slaughter” – Debut Album Is CAN’T MISS Thrash Metal For 2011 and B… […]

  4. […] HEMOPTYSIS “Misanthropic Slaughter” – Debut Album Is CAN’T MISS Thrash Metal For 2011 and B… […]

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