BONFIRE – Celebrates 25th Hard Rockin’ Anniversary In 2011 With New Studio Album! Launches Official Facebook Page!

BONFIRE IS BACK! – Celebrating their 25th Hard Rockin’ Anniversary in 2011 is Rock & Hard Rock Legends… BONFIRE! Metal Odyssey extends a huge Metal congrats to BONFIRE… may there be many more years to come of their melodic and memorable hard driven Rock ‘n’ Roll! BONFIRE is on a Hard Rockin’ roll with their newest studio album BRANDED just being released in the U.S. on February 15, 2011 (LZ Records) and their “official” Facebook page being launched on February 20, 2011! You can visit the “official” BONFIRE Facebook page by clicking here: BONFIRE – Official Facebook

Track Listing For Branded:

Deadly Contradiction

Just Follow The Rainbow

Save Me

Let It Grow

Better Days

Do Or Die

Close To The Edge


Loser’s Lane

Hold Me Now

I Need You (bonus track)

Rivers Of Glory (bonus track)

Twenty five years ago, BONFIRE was founded in Ingolstadt, Germany. The 2011 BONFIRE lineup features original members Claus Lessmann (vocals) and Hans Ziller (lead guitar). The first BONFIRE studio full-length album, Don’t Touch The Light, was released back in 1986, on RCA Records. Since 1986 13 studio albums (including a German version of 1996’s Feel’s Like Comin’ Home) have been released. From 1993 to 2009, nine BONFIRE compilation and/or live albums have been released.

(BONFIRE Don’t Touch The Light 1986)


Claus Lessmann – lead vocals, acoustic guitar

Hans Ziller – lead guitar, acoustic guitar, sitar, slide guitar

Dominik Hülshort – drums & percussion

Uwe Köhler -bass

Chris “Yps” Limburg – rhythm guitar

* For more info about BONFIRE, just click the links below:

BONFIRE – Official Website

BONFIRE – myspace music

* For more info on Cargo Records UK, click here: CARGO RECORDS UK

* I have found a great number of BONFIRE CD’s are available on, including Branded. Cargo Records UK is selling Branded. I did not find Branded available on iTunes.

* Feel free to leave any cool info you may want to share about BONFIRE through a comment, it is always appreciated by Stone.



3 Responses to “BONFIRE – Celebrates 25th Hard Rockin’ Anniversary In 2011 With New Studio Album! Launches Official Facebook Page!”

  1. I’ve always liked Bonfire. Got two albums and saw them live way back in 1988, my friends band supported them at a club in London. The song Proud of My Country made me forgive Germany for the war.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Very cool that your friends band opened for Bonfire in a small club. YOU LUCKY. I never saw Bonfire live. 😦

      Thanks for sharing that last thought. Music is a universal language that brings people together… I’ve always felt that way. 🙂

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