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BONFIRE – Introduces New Vocalist DYAN With Re-recorded Single Version Of “Fantasy”

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German hard rock titans BONFIRE have revealed their new vocalist. The band has joined forces with exceptional singer and frontman DYAN, who may be yet unknown but will immediately convince every heavy and hard rock fan!

“As most of you already know. Bonfire was in the process of re-recording the first 3 albums for a special Box Set to go along with the release of Hans Ziller’s book and a Bonfire documentary,” says bassist Ronnie Parkes. “At nearly the end of the recording process Alex Stahl and Bonfire split ways.

Bonfire would like to welcome to the family our new vocalist DYAN. DYAN was born 31 years ago in Greece and currently lives in the UK. He is an incredible addition to the team and will surely bring Bonfire to new heights!”

Now, BONFIRE has re-recorded the classic “Fantasy”, taken of their iconic 1987-“Fireworks” album, while DYAN is showcasing his extraordinary vocal talent and giving the track a new, fresh sound and shape! Give DYAN a warm welcome and watch BONFIRE’s official music video for the new version of “Fantasy” HERE

Source: AFM Records

BONFIRE – To Release New Album “Temple Of Lies” On April 13th, via AFM Records!

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Bonfire - Temple Of Lies - promo cover pic - 2018 - #33MO99

From AFM Records:

Few German rock acts can look back at as long and successful a career as BONFIRE. Counting their predecessor – a group called Cacumen, which was also founded by Hans Ziller and featured more or less the same line-up – the band has been around since 1972, has operated under its current moniker since 1986 and released more than two dozen albums. During the most successful phase of their career, Bonfire counted – alongside the Scorpions and Accept – among Germany’s three internationally most acclaimed acts, celebrating major success all over Europe and worldwide. Bonfire’s trademarks are and have always been deeply melodic hard rock songs, driven by captivating guitars, grooving rhythms and haunting vocal melodies. All the features that came together so perfectly on their most popular releases Fireworks (1987), Point Blank (1989) and Branded (2011) are present on their current release Temple Of Lies.

Thanks to their new vocalist Alexx Stahl, who joined the fold two years ago, and a first-rate line-up on all instruments, the band’s creativity explodes on Temple Of Lies and is bound to wow a younger generation of rock music fans, too.

“We were extremely lucky to find Alexx,” offers guitarist Hans Ziller in explanation of the group’s current creative and musical high. “He’s a team player who looks after his voice in a totally professional way and treats it like the important tool that it is. He doesn’t smoke and prepares optimally for every show. In addition, Alexx is a really nice guy. Being at the helm of the band, I couldn’t be happier to have him in the band.” Ziller is just as enthusiastic about his rhythm section consisting of bassist Ronnie Parkes and drummer Tim Breideband (“they seem to have reinvented the groove”), and of course guitarist Frank Pané (“one of the most awesome musicians I’ve ever worked with”). Ziller: “With this line-up, we’ll be able to increase the hardness level of our material whenever we feel like it. Numbers such as ‘Temple Of Lies’ and ‘Stand Or Fall’ wouldn’t have been possible with previous line-ups.”

Bonfire - promo group pic - 2018 - #333MO999

It’s not only the occasionally tougher pace that impresses on Temple Of Lies (produced by Hans Ziller at the Flatliners Recording Studios in Ingolstadt) from the first to the very last note, but also the album’s diverse high-quality songwriting in general. Driving midtempo tracks (‘Feed The Fire’, ‘On The Wings Of An Angel’, ‘Fly Away’, ‘Crazy Over You’) support the aforementioned uptempo rock numbers and are expertly broken up by the ballad ‘Comin` Home’ and ‘I Help You Hate Me’, which surprises with a reggae groove verse. Temple Of Lies kicks off with the intro ‘In The Beginning’, featuring American voice actor David Michael Williamson (Lord of the Rings). So the fun factor is back in the Bonfire camp, manifesting itself also in the 20-minute bonus track ‘Friedensreich II. – The Return Of The Zünsler Into The T.O.L.’, a humorous sound collage which frequently brings to mind Frank Zappa. The programmatic album title and expressive cover artwork prove that Ziller & Co also live up to their responsibility as socially aware musicians, taking to task “the lies of our world and politicians”. No doubt about it: Temple Of Lies sees Bonfire live up not only to their own history.

“Temple Of Lies” – Tracklisting:

01. In The Beginning
02. Temple Of Lies
03. On The Wings Of An Angel
04. Feed The Fire (Like The Bonfire)
05. Stand Or Fall
06. Comin’ Home
07. I’ll Never Be Loved By You
08. Fly Away
09. I Help You Hate Me
10. Crazy Over You

Bonus Tracks on Digipak:
11. Comin’ Home (Extended Acoustic Version)
12. Friedensreich – Let The Madness Continue (Director’s Cut)




BONFIRE – Sign With AFM Records!

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Bonfire - puclicity photo - 2017 - #22MO333ILMF

From AFM Records:

After BONFIRE‘s latest studio records “Glörious” (2015) and “Byte The Bullet” (2017) both made it to the Top 50 of the German album chart and more than 160 live shows played in the last two years, AFM Records and BONFIRE decided to strike a new path together!

During the more than 30 year-long history of the band, there were of course several different label partners releasing BONFIRE’s 16 studio records and some were not available at times. So in Autumn of 2017, big parts of BONFIRE’s back catalogue will be made available again before the new album will be released in Spring 2018.
Besides being in the studio to record their next record, BONFIRE will be on tour for the rest of the year!

Find all tour dates below and on

Hans Ziller (Git & Back-Voc., founder of BONFIRE)
Alexx Stahl (Lead-Voc)
Ronnie Parkes (Bass & Back-Voc)
Tim Breideband (Drums)
Frank Pané (Git & Back-Voc)

2017 Tour Dates:

08.07. (GER) – Ingolstadt – Bürgerfest-Rathausplatz
15.07. (GER) – Jamboree-Open Air
23.07. (GER) – Regensburg – Piazza Open Air
03.08. (GER) – Günzburg Open Air
12.08. (CH) – Gossau Rock On Open Air
19.08. (GER) – Rhön Rock Open Air
02.09. (PL) – Zgierz – City of Power-Open Air
16.09. (PT) – Lissabon – RCA Club
23.09. (PT) – Coimbra – Festival
30.09. (GER) – Alzey – Oberhaus
02.10. (GER) – Teltow Open Air
07.10. (GER) – Braunschweig – Lokpark
19.10. (GER) – Hamburg – Logo
20.10. (GER) – Mannheim – MS Connexion
21.10. (GER) – Memmingen Kaminwerk
11.11. (GER) – Renchen – COME INN -Charity
16.12. (GER) – Obermachtal – Kreuz
19.12. (GER) – Nürnberg – Hirsch
20.12. (GER) – Oberhausen – Zentrum Altenberg
21.12. (GER) – Augsburg – Spectrum
22.12. (GER) – Ingolstadt – Eventhalle
23.12. (GER) – Burglengenfeld – VAZ

2018 Tour Dates:

03.05. (GER) – Würzburg – Posthalle
04.05. (GER) – Neuss – Partytur-Halle
05.05. (CH) – Aarburg – Musigburg
06.05. (GER) – Ludwigsburg – Rockfabrik .- Grosser Saal
Juni (AT) Wien Bike & Music-Open Air
20.07. (GER) Burg Greifenstein Open Air
17.11. (GER) Markneukirchen- Framus & Warwick MusicHall




BONFIRE – Celebrates 25th Hard Rockin’ Anniversary In 2011 With New Studio Album! Launches Official Facebook Page!

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BONFIRE IS BACK! – Celebrating their 25th Hard Rockin’ Anniversary in 2011 is Rock & Hard Rock Legends… BONFIRE! Metal Odyssey extends a huge Metal congrats to BONFIRE… may there be many more years to come of their melodic and memorable hard driven Rock ‘n’ Roll! BONFIRE is on a Hard Rockin’ roll with their newest studio album BRANDED just being released in the U.S. on February 15, 2011 (LZ Records) and their “official” Facebook page being launched on February 20, 2011! You can visit the “official” BONFIRE Facebook page by clicking here: BONFIRE – Official Facebook

Track Listing For Branded:

Deadly Contradiction

Just Follow The Rainbow

Save Me

Let It Grow

Better Days

Do Or Die

Close To The Edge


Loser’s Lane

Hold Me Now

I Need You (bonus track)

Rivers Of Glory (bonus track)

Twenty five years ago, BONFIRE was founded in Ingolstadt, Germany. The 2011 BONFIRE lineup features original members Claus Lessmann (vocals) and Hans Ziller (lead guitar). The first BONFIRE studio full-length album, Don’t Touch The Light, was released back in 1986, on RCA Records. Since 1986 13 studio albums (including a German version of 1996’s Feel’s Like Comin’ Home) have been released. From 1993 to 2009, nine BONFIRE compilation and/or live albums have been released.

(BONFIRE Don’t Touch The Light 1986)


Claus Lessmann – lead vocals, acoustic guitar

Hans Ziller – lead guitar, acoustic guitar, sitar, slide guitar

Dominik Hülshort – drums & percussion

Uwe Köhler -bass

Chris “Yps” Limburg – rhythm guitar

* For more info about BONFIRE, just click the links below:

BONFIRE – Official Website

BONFIRE – myspace music

* For more info on Cargo Records UK, click here: CARGO RECORDS UK

* I have found a great number of BONFIRE CD’s are available on, including Branded. Cargo Records UK is selling Branded. I did not find Branded available on iTunes.

* Feel free to leave any cool info you may want to share about BONFIRE through a comment, it is always appreciated by Stone.



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