Withering Soul – Apochs.net Now Streaming Four Tracks From “No Closure”!

WITHERING SOUL – Packed with more Metal than your grandma’s hip replacement, our good buds at Apochs.net have again extended a fiery set of horns and are currently streaming four (yes, four) new tracks from the recently released slab of Blackened brilliance No Closure from Chicago’s WITHERING SOUL. Hook your laptop up to the good speakers and cruise over to: Apochs.net – Apochs Metal Review

No Closure is a combination of Symphonic Black Metal and Melodic Death Metal with some Gothic overtones thrown is as well. As an added treat, guest backing vocals have been provided by Melissa Ferlaak. Inclusive of quality Scandinavian influences, but now with mature competency, they have carved their own path that is destined to generate a buzz in the underground and capture fans across the board.

(Source: Clawhammer PR)

* Check out my full review for No Closure (posted on February 20, 2011), by clicking the big header link below:

Withering Soul – “No Closure” Explodes With Black Metal Impressiveness

Track Listing For No Closure:

Night of the Revenant

Phantasmal Chaos Divinity

The Sequitor

Tides of the Accursed

Possession of Deception – Part II

Sadistic Redress

Manifest Transparency

Lifeless They Lie


Requiem of Sorrow

* For more info on WITHERING SOUL, click the links below:

WITHERING SOUL – Official Website





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