DEEP PURPLE – “King Of Dreams”: Song From 1990 Revisited

DEEP PURPLE – Released back in October of 1990, Slaves and Masters became the thirteenth studio album from the ultra-legendary Deep Purple. This terrific album embodied the reunion of Rock icons Joe Lynn Turner (vocals) and Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), both formerly together in Rainbow, a Rock historic and outrageously important band founded by Ritchie Blackmore. The Joe Lynn Turner and Ritchie Blackmore partnership in Rainbow spanned three studio albums: Difficult To Cure (1981), Straight Between The Eyes (1982) and Bent Out Of Shape (1983).

My favorite song from Slaves and Masters is: King Of Dreams. Sure, as with this entire album, there are flashes of melodic Rainbow that seep out of King Of Dreams… all due in part to Joe Lynn Turners melodic and harmoniously contagious vocals. The tone of Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar does resonate Deep Purple, yet there are reminders of his Rainbow era that resonate in his style as well… in my Metal opinion.

King Of Dreams is just a solid melodic Hard Rock song that seems to carry with it a “no end in sight” shelf life. The sound heard on this album and King Of Dreams is extremely relevant to my ears. I find it incredible that I bought Slaves and Masters on cassette 22 years ago. I still have the cassette… Metal be thy name.

I hope you dig King Of Dreams as much as I do. If not, well, go listen to some Milli Vanilli and take some laxatives.

DEEP PURPLE (Mk V) on Slaves and Masters:

Joe Lynn Turner – vocals

Ritchie Blackmore – guitar

Roger Glover – bass

Jon Lord – keyboards

Ian Paice – drums

* The CD single photo for King Of Dreams is at top of this post. I found this CD single at an antique store on Friday, May 20th, 2011. Yes, an antique store. This is a “For Promotional Use Only” copy which contains both the album and edit version of King Of Dreams. The whole package is in mint shape too. I paid a whopping $3 (U.S. funds) for this piece of Deep Purple history! This King Of Dreams CD single is not the one which contains the track Fire In The Basement. The record labels on the backside of the liner notes are: BMG and RCA.

(Slaves and Masters album cover/1990 – BMG & RCA)

* For more info on DEEP PURPLE, click on the link below:






5 Responses to “DEEP PURPLE – “King Of Dreams”: Song From 1990 Revisited”

  1. Every Deep Purple fan I have ever talked to hates this album, called it Deep Rainbow, Purple Rainbow etc, except me I loved it, and still love it and it still visits my CD player from time to time

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I can definitely understand the tags “old school” Deep Purple fans/loyalists give this album. The cross-section of Deep Purple and Rainbow is there. Like you, I love it! Hey… if we are Rainbow fans and Deep Purple fans, then this album is the best of both worlds! Plus… the songs are downright good on this album too! (You know that already) \m/

      Both Rainbow and Deep Purple have had their share of lineup changes… so in reality, this album just fell in line with the path that Deep Purple has been on since day one. It would be interesting if a Rainbow reunion ever happened. Heck, it probably could easily? I’m happy Deep Purple is still around too. 🙂

  2. I have to say, it does sound more like Rainbow from the Joe Lynn Turner era than Deep Purple as I know them. Not a bad song though

  3. Can you get this song on iTunes?

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I checked around iTunes and it doesn’t look like it is available there. Maybe has it as an mp3? I have not checked there yet. \m/

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