Metal Odyssey Spotlight On: Marc Broude – Psychological Warfare – 2 Songs of Industrial Metal and Noise!

MARC BROUDE – My never ending Metal quest to find Metal talent that is unsigned, DIY and real has crossed paths with an Industrial Metal and Noise musician known as: Marc Broude. The Metal Odyssey Spotlight is on Marc Broude and his 2 song EP: Psychological Warfare. Marc is the vocalist and plays all instruments on his music.

I liken the sound of Marc Broude’s music to that of Industrial Metal, where Marc is very down with that tag, he also considers his music to be representative of the Noise genre. Marc is from Chicago, Illinois and had started recording while living in a squatter artist collective back in 2005. During 2005, Marc started out in the Chicago based Noise outfit called: Panicsville. A cross-genre composer, Marc has played in various bands which represented genres of: Black Metal, Grindcore, Punk and Noise. If diversity is the key to Metal success, then Marc has associated with some hefty Metal diversity in the course of seven years.

I really appreciate the overwhelming heaviness, experimentalism and mixture of distortion that Marc has implemented into his music’s sound. Marc’s vocals seem to arise from the dark depths of the damned, while his guitar riffs and drumming create a wall of sound that engulfs my surroundings with a nightmarish, bazaar of the living dead mood and atmosphere. Perfect.

I can see a promising Metal future for Marc, his DIY work ethic, multi-tasking, multi-instrument competency and musical inventiveness should eventually draw some credible attention. Marc feels getting his music heard is more important than making money from it… that’s the characteristic of a real musician and an artist who believes in what he’s created.

You can listen to both Psychological Warfare and God Smacker by clicking on the music bar play buttons below. Warning – to all closed minded, uptight and constipated Pop mainstream music dum dums: Your freely invited to listen as well, only don’t send your laundry bill to Metal Odyssey if you crap your pants.

Listen to PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE by clicking on the play button below:

Listen to GOD SMACKER by clicking on the play button below:

Originally released in 2006 as a 50 piece limited edition 7″ which became out of print, Psychological Warfare was digitally remixed for re-release. Distribution is through IODA and Psychological Warfare will be available at all digital music stores, with the CD being available on Amazon and Tower in about a month from now.

* In 2009, Marc released a 72 minute, Dark Ambient dirge titled: Rites of Zen and Medicine. This release displayed a drastic change in Marc’s sound, with a fusion of free improvisation and Avant-Garde Jazz.

(Psychological Warfare – Back Cover)

Production and General Credits:

Composed written and produced by: Marc Broude

Recorded by: Chris Anderson at Chicago Recording Company, Chicago, IL

Mixed and Mastered by: Judson Leach

Artwork by: Rodrigo Damian



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    Marc its Dee your biggest very first fan ever!!!!! So proud of you!!!!!

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