IRON SAVIOR ‘The Landing’ – German Power Metal Force Returns, In A Mammoth Way!

IRON SAVIOR – If there is one grand lesson learned after listening to Iron Savior’s new studio album The Landing, it is proclaimed quite clearly on track #5: Heavy Metal Never Dies. This juggernaut of a German Power Metal band have once again provided as potent a punch of exhilarating Heavy Metal as ever, with The Landing. This new Iron Savior palette of Power Metal bliss will be released in North America on January 17, 2012, on AFM Records. Trust me, this album is a gemstone to seek out. So damn fine is The Landing that it’s brought tears of Heavy Metal joy to my eyes.

My Metal advice for when you are ready to sink your ears and senses into The Landing, is best summed up from these lyrics of Heavy Metal Never Dies: “Turn on the music, let it purify your mind”. In a vast world of Power Metal bands, Iron Savior has reinstated they are to be reckoned with whether you like it or not and The Landing is their Heavy Metal arsenal of 2012… one that cannot be contained nor denied.

Iron Savior fans may have waited four years for this new powerful offering of Heavy Metal thunder, only it was well worth the wait. This is a band that sounds pumped-up and ready for Power Metal battle, from start to finish on The Landing. This album is a total package of Power Metal on high, which features more impressive guitar leads, riffs and solos than I can count. Piet Sielck without any doubt in my Metal mind, belongs with the very best of Power/Heavy Metal vocalists, at commanding a song and bringing it to greater heights.

If there ever was to be a song from 2012 that I will turn to consistently for immediate psyche-you-out Metal gratification, then that song is Hall Of The Heroes. Metal be thy name. Hall Of The Heroes can now enjoy its deserved place on my list of All-Time Favorite Metal Songs. Ring that Metal bell and declare all posers to hell, cause Iron Savior has cast one unbelievable Metal spell with Hall Of The Heroes. Oh, the vocals of Piet Sielck, oh, that guitar solo… oh, that riveting rhythm section, oh, that chorus… simply an amazing song. Simply an amazing album.

If you consider yourself a Metal martyr and Defender Of The Faith… buy The Landing and play IRON SAVIOR very, very, LOUD… while your uncontrollable Heavy Metal pride explodes from your Metal soul, spilling upon all those around you. Metal be thy name… forever.

“In crimson sand, the heroes still stand” – IRON SAVIOR


Piet Sielck – lead vocals, guitar

Yenz Leonhardt – backing vocals, bass

Joachim “Piesel” Küstner – backing vocals, guitar

Thomas Nack – drums and miscellaneous percussion

THE LANDING – Track Listing:


The Savior


March Of Doom

Heavy Metal Never Dies

Moment In Time

Hall Of The Heroes

R.U. Ready

Faster Than All

Before The Pain

No Guts No Glory


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  2. […] IRON SAVIOR ‘The Landing’ – German Power Metal Force Returns, In A Mammoth Way! […]

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