SCANNER – Have Re-Signed With Massacre Records And Plan To Release A New Album!

Scanner - promo band pic - 2014 - #887S

From Massacre Records:

SCANNER sure aren’t strangers in the Metal scene, since they’ve been around since the mid-80’s!

SCANNER had a few bumps in the road of their journey so far, but that didn’t stop them from doing their thing! SCANNER always existed, even when there were false rumors circulating regarding the band’s status.

The band can look back on an impressive live history, including numerous live gigs worldwide, European tours and appearances at festivals, such as Germany’s Wacken Open Air.

From 1988 ’til 2002, SCANNER released 5 albums so far and now – almost 13 years after the release of their latest album “Scantropolis” – the band is back with a new record!

Scanner - The Judgement - promo album cover pic - 2014

The band’s brand new album is entitled “The Judgement”! The cover artwork’s been created by Anestis Goudas.

The idea behind the album is that the Scanner has returned to earth to see what religion has done to mankind. He also asks himself how a society would evolve if there wouldn’t be any religion at all. Would it be possible to live in peace?

The new album promises to feature true and uncompromising Power Speed Metal! There will be catchy songs like the album’s title track, but also songs that will have you chanting and singing along and even high-speed Metal tracks.

SCANNER’s new album “The Judgement” is planned to be released in late January 2015 via Massacre Records!



Axel A.J. Julius ­- Guitars

Efthimios Ioannidis ­- Vocals

Andreas Zeidler – Guitars

Jonathan Sell­ – Bass

Patrick Klose ­- Drums


* For more info on SCANNER:


Massacre Records - M Logo - 2014







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