Horror Punk Act DARKER DAYS Premieres Single Of Upcoming Debut Album, “The Burying Point”, Feat. TB Monstrosity Of BLITZKID!

Cover Design by Argyle Goolsby (Blitzkid)

April 28, 2023 sees horror punk act DARKER DAYS release their much-awaited, first full-length album “The Burying Point”on Fiend Force Records, licensed by Massacre Records!

Hailing from the Halloween capitol Salem, Massachusetts, the band poured everything they had into this record and pulled inspiration from some of their favorite bands: AFI, The Misfits or Blitzkid. Lyrically, DARKER DAYS touched on things like their favorite horror movies as well as real-life hardships. Needless to say, that the dark history of their hometown Salem and all of New England – with Nathaniel Hawthorne in Salem, H.P. Lovecraft in Providence and Stephen King in Bangor – along with the bleak countryside had a big influence on them as well.

Today, DARKER DAYS are premiering a first single taken of their upcoming debut, feat. TB Monstrosity of BLITZKID! T.B. Monstrosity is the co-singer and songwriter of Horror Punk legendes Blitzkid, probably the most popular band in the genre besides the forefathers The Misfits. Blitzkid and Darker Days have been friends for years, so this collaboration has naturally grown out of their shared history. TB’s unique voice gives the song its very own atmosphere and harmonizes impressively with the melancholy of the track and Darker Days singer Mason’s vocals. Both the classic horror theme and the musical realization, as well as the guest appearance of the Blitzkid singer make “1818” an instant hit in the horror punk community.

Watch the new DARKER DAYS video for “1818”, now premiering HERE

“1818 is an ode to the work of one of our favorite authors Mary Shelly- being told from the perspective of ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ and the feelings he has of wanting to find happiness even though the world views him as a monster“, the band comments.

Mason Eaton – Vocals
Nick Sullivan – Guitars
Travis Hunter – Guitars
Ron Bailey – Bass
Randy Mason – Drums

Their upcoming album “The Burying Point” was produced by Chris Curran and Kyle Blamy, and was mixed and mastered by Chris Curran. Slated for a release on April 28, 2023, the album pre-sale is available at THIS LOCATION!


  1. Devil’s Night
  2. Killing Time
  3. The Hunt
  4. 1818 ( feat. TB Monstrosity of Blitzkid)
  5. Siren’s Call
  6. From The Depths
  7. Moonlight (feat. Rod Usher of The Other)
  8. Funeral
  9. Empty Glass
  10. Maniac
  11. Curse

Source: Massacre Records


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