I am always in that Old School Heavy Metal mood. All someone needs to do is simply whisper an Old School Band or musician’s name to me and I’m checking in… into Old School U. BADLANDSDreams In The Dark video from 1989 is a trip down Metal memory lane. The vocals and energy from the late Ray Gillen, combined with the guitar wizardry of Jake E. Lee, gives this Dreams In The Dark song and video it’s Classic Heavy Metal appeal. Let’s not count out the powerful rhythm section of Greg Chaisson on bass and Eric Singer on drums… wow. In my Metal opinion, Badlands was a great Heavy Metal Band, this video only solidifies my Metal claim. My best Metal buddy and Metal Odyssey’s Metal researcher Scott Coverdale landed me a copy of the Badlands debut album, on CD, back in the Fall of 2009. I yapped all about getting this Badlands CD upgrade along with a review on October 26, 2009… you can check it out by clicking the header below the video, (if you like).  I hope you enjoy this Badlands video as much as I do!

BADLANDS – 1989 Heavy Metal Debut Album Still Reigns Supreme


  1. I have loved Badlands forever. Such an amazingly under rated band.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I wish I saw them back in the “day”. I always remember seeing this video on Headbangers Ball after coming home from partying. (That sounded rather yahoo but what can I say?)

  2. We talked about the debut album a few weeks back. Since then I have kept all 3 Badlands releases and Jake E, Lee’s “Retraced” on my iPod Touch. I really dig the videos that just show the band jammin’. Very few “concept” videos ever worked, back in the day. Though videos with the band just palyin’, some footage from the road… I just dig em’. \m/

  3. I think I’m in the minority as I never cared for them. I LOVED Jake with Ozzy, but this bluesy rock stuff just didn’t do it for me. That being said, the first 2 CDs do have a few decent songs with some great solos.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      It’s all good… it’s not like your downright bashing them either. In a way, your kinda in a semi-minority! You are right though… “Bark At The Moon” is intense. The solo that ends the song “Bark At The Moon” I will probably have in my head all day now.

  4. BADLANDS! love the 1st two releases.

    wow, I did not realize how old those were. I used to jam on those with an ex-GF of mine when she went off to college!

    *they were certainly not groundbreaking, but they were in fact solid and I think they really didn’t get a “fair shake” when released for whatever reason. Perhaps there were just 100’s and 100’s of “bad” releases out there and people were tired of getting burned on sub-par material.CD’s were still expensive back then too.

    There are some other BADLANDS recordings floating around called “Dusk” that are average at best. Collectible yes, essential NO.

    Just the other day I listened to his “solo” release called : “A Fine Pink Mist”, which is basically Jake playing along to a drum machine and is not really that great either. I had heard about it but never tracked it down. skip it..

    While it was good to hear Jake’s gtr again, it was certainly no BADLANDS and BADLANDS IMO does not come close to the material/solos on “Bark at the Moon” and most of “The Ultimate Sin”.

    BTW there is a Badlands Home Video called : “Dag the Giblets” from 1991 that is worth tracking down.

    So who’s heard the Jake stuff with Enuf Z’ Nuff boyz in Chicago? What I heard was pretty good and not what I expected. Not a fan of Enuf’ but it appears they shed the bad 80’s glam a while ago.

    Unique collab. to say the least. Word is they have some Euro or Jap. tour dates but I am not sure if Jake is going with?!

    Jake should have re-joined RATT (vs Carlos from Q. RIOT) and teamed back up with Warren for a mega double guitar attack (ala’ PRIEST and or MAIDEN) and maybe kicked out Mr. Piercy.

    Demolish HQ

    • metalodyssey Says:

      You don’t care for Stephen Pearcy? I really don’t mind his vocals at all… it’s signature RATT with Pearcy… in my Metal opinion. I’m not saying he is the greatest vocalist that ever lived, only his voice is a trademark of RATT… Arcade too.

      In my most honest of Metal opinions, RATT without Stephen Pearcy on vocals, is like macaroni and cheese without the cheese. (That is not an insult to John Corabi, it’s really a compliment to Pearcy).

      Thanks for the cue on the Badlands video from 1991.

  5. I agree, but I am not exactly jonesin’ on a RATT reunion in 2010.

    I think what he did “worked” at the time and yes, even though he is “shrill” at times, it WAS a big part of the RATT sound. It wasn’t bad, I jammed on them a lot growing up. Check the clips in my photos section…

    But how well does he sound these days? Some singers voices do not age well, so I guess I will have to see when the new material is out.

    I would still be more excited with Jake + Warren music-wise with any singer than just Pearcy alone. I should have explained better perhaps.

    *I am also assuming that Jake and S. Pearcy would not get along and he might not be a part of it anyway if that ever happens! Jake is elusive and Mr. Pearcy was always the ego-maniac – I hear.

    Maybe they have all grown up, they were pretty young back then and hey it WAS the 80’s.

    Rat n’ Roll!


    • metalodyssey Says:

      You make a fine Metal point with your RATT “dream lineup”… I am looking forward to the new RATT album. I think there is too much at stake right now, for Stephen Pearcy and RATT to NOT deliver a great album. Why? There are so many of their peers out there right now, making comebacks and albums… none of them want to be labeled as the “duds” who should have left Metal well enough alone. It’s psychological Metal thinking.

      (Uh, maybe I shouldn’t get so deep about it, huh?).

  6. I would love to have heard Jake in RATT Live, also in ROUGH CUTT.

    Seems like Jake had a knack for departing from bands who were about to go places right before it happened. Perhaps he was instrumental in getting them to where they needed to be?

    RATT w/ Jake + Warren is a totally different RATT than with Crosby + Warren.

    Listening to some of the WICKED ALLIANCE 94′ demos now. I like the music but the vocals of one “Mandy Lion” (ex-WWIII) are much to be desired. I am not sure what the connection is here but perhaps Jake assumed this would be big due to Mandy’s connection/collabs with Jimmy Bain and Vinnie Appice.

    Back to RATT: As much as I hate to say it, I am not sure how much their “need to deliver a great album” is being derived from artistic merits rather than financial. I am not saying it’s the ONLY reason, but hey, RATT is a business and it’s just makes “sense” right about now for them to release something new. I am certainly not against though.

    I have some Jake + M. RATT demos if you would like to hear them?

    Move over rodents…

    Demolish Crypt

  7. Listen to Out of the Cellar with headphones on, you can hear the overdubbed whisper tracks to dampen pearcy’s lisp!

  8. You know those “studio tricks” too, ahhhh. 😉

    I wonder how many tracks he used to comp all of those vox. Lead vox and not all of the BG layers.

    *I am going to go out on a limb here and guess at least 5-6 (with a minimum of 2 for whispers, to try to tone that shrill down)!

    I always liked RATT’s music first, then lyrics, then vox. I went to Pearcy’s website and he is basically taking credit for the whole RATT conglomeration.

    Maybe he did do everything and those guys were just hired guns? I wasn’t there before they started. I always just assumed it was an equal collaboration.

    To tell you the truth I never really looked into it. This was sparked after I heard some of those M.RATT demos online recently.

    Even though it was a bit rough, I still like the “heavier” sound with Jake in the band. Word is that Jake used to give Warren lots of “tips”…so I am wondering how much of the early RATT sound was influenced by Jake (even the stuff that he did not write and or record with them)?

    King Rat
    Demolish Trap

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