RIOT – RIOT LIVE, was sitting there, on vinyl no less, in a pile of other vintage albums from years long past. In the middle of this antiques mall, there I staked claim to a rare and never seen by my eyes before, RIOT EP… and it was a live EP too! I decided to take a look around this antiques mall this past Sunday, not knowing what I might come across for Metal treasures. For five bucks, (U.S.), I did not hesitate to take this piece of Heavy Metal history home. The funny part of finding this RIOT album is that a Telly Savalas – Who Loves Ya, Baby? album was resting right against it! Whoa, that’s funky stuff… God rest Telly Savalas’s soul. Another funny part of this whole scenario is… someone out there will eventually buy that Telly Savalas album and be just as psyched about their find as I am about mine. Beauty is in the eye of the respective music beholder, in my case it is Old School Heavy Metal vinyl… that is rather… rare. It’s no secret that I own a turntable, uh, a few of them. Buying these Heavy Metal Vinyl Classics are to be enjoyed, by dropping that old needle down on those aging grooves.

These songs are live alright, they are Old School raw too. As I played this album for the first time,  I could here the excitement resonating in the air during these live RIOT songs. I can understand that excitement, RIOT has always been a respected Hard & Heavy band, regardless of lineup changes through the years. RIOT has that early years of Metal vibe happening on this EP, I can hear and feel the roots of Heavy Metal from these songs. Despite the NWOBHM sound that was swarming across the Atlantic back in the very late ’70’s and early ’80’s, RIOT was American made. This was a RIOT band with four studio albums under their belt as of 1982 – Rock City (1977), Narita (1979), Fire Down Under (1981) and Restless Breed (1982).

Swords And Tequila is from the studio album  the 1981 studio album – Fire Down Under. The other five songs on RIOT LIVE are from the 1982 studio album – Restless Breed.

The Track Listing For RIOT LIVE from 1982:

Hard Lovin’ Man


Loved By You


Restless Breed

Swords And Tequila

* RIOT LIVE was released on Electra Records.

* You can hear Restless Breed from RIOT LIVE and many more RIOT songs from their catalog of albums, streaming on the RIOT MySpace Music Page by clicking here: RIOT – MySpace Music Page

Here is what the front cover of this album jacket for RIOT LIVE looks like:

* The bottom line of type on the front cover of RIOT LIVE reads: Limited Edition – Manufacturer Suggested List Price $4.98. That’s cool… I paid 2 cents more than it’s original 1982 price. (Granted, the condition of this vintage vinyl that I acquired is no longer mint).

Using an iphone to take this picture of my RIOT LIVE EP, the black background with the bright red type made for difficulty in clarity. The album jacket itself has worn edges and a few worn spots, that’s o.k. by me, it goes to show this RIOT EP was once loved hard by some other fan. Despite these imperfections of the album jacket, I still am Metal pleased to have found a copy of this RIOT LIVE EP. The album jacket’s back cover is a solid black, with the Elektra Records logo on the bottom center. Taking a pic of this back cover would not make much sense for it’s blankness. (In other words, there’s nothing to look at with the back cover).



  1. Love me some RIOT!

    *even when they turned into a POWER Metal band in the late 80’s/early 90’s?

    That Live album is great, in fact a band that I was in used to cover the “Swords & Tequila” track.

    Rock on!


  2. I dig freakin’ RIOT! I especially liked them when they became a Power Metal band. I got into them with “Born in America” which was just a fantastic release. “You Burn in Me” & “Wings of Fire” are just sick. My favorites are “Thundersteel” & “The Privilege of Power”. I went back and listen to the older stuff and discovered why people love them so much. Scott Ian from Anthrax was talkin’ them up in a metal mag back in the day as an influence, which is why I checked out the back catalog. Great ROCK band. I’m goona have to throw some RIOT onmy iPod. HORNS UP! \m/

    • I forgot but RIOT’s “Thundersteel” made my Top 25 releases that year!

      *Just don’t look at #1, that is the only one I would change. I did not have a lot of time to spend with it and I would def. knock it down about 15 spots!


      • metalodyssey Says:

        RIOT at #5!

        I like that list of yours… quite a batch of Metal goodness.

        Honestly, “And Justice For All” was a “good” Metallica album… that’s all I feel about it. I’m very bias with my liking their historic/prolific “first three” albums. I am NOT ashamed to tell the world that the song “One” just never stuck with me. Even when I first heard “One” back then… I didn’t get it.

        With that said… I still LOVE “my” Metallica!


        • thanks for the props on the list!

          “And Justice”…is average at best -yes.

          I never got into “One” either. I liked the double bass beat for a bit but yeah, don’t believe the hype (incl. the video).


  3. While I also prefer ThunderSteel and Privilege of Power, the early stuff is great.

    I used to have this live album on CD years ago. Not sure what happened to it.

    • yes, the drumming is top notch on some of those RIOT releases!

      Bobby is pretty sic. Isn’t he is the big bro to the dude that was in Watchtower?

      I have the old JUGGERNAUT albums…87’s Trouble Within & Baptism Under Fire from the prev. year (I think).

      How is that HALFORD stuff? I never heard it.

      I thought I heard that he filled in on some FATES WARNING tour dates as well?

      Curt King(er)
      SLEEPY TRIP skinbeater

      • The halford stuff is alright. he doesn’t make or break it. if you want to hear some really whacked out stuff from bobby, check out the spastic ink stuff he did with his brother. it’s insane.

  4. Riot’s awesome. Great pick up! I hope to have my hands on this one myself some day.

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