EXODUS – released Fabulous Disaster back in February of 1989. A solid, Old School Thrash Metal album it is. Listening to these Thrash Metal originators is a necessity in my Metal life, Exodus is an instant cure for any Thrash dehydration I may come down with. I like every song on this album, especially The Toxic Waltz. Another very cool song on Fabulous Disaster is the cover version of Low Rider, (originally recorded and made famous by War in 1975). Overdose is another song that swelters with unreal duel guitars and all the Exodus heaviness I could possibly ask for. Growing up with so many 1980’s Thrash Metal Bands, has me revering them in 2010 all the more. This is Exodus from 1989, a vintage lineup. I uphold Thrash loyalty to every Exodus lineup, from their inception to today. Guitarist Gary Holt is for all intents and Metal purposes, a Thrash Metal leader, he has the distinction of being on every Exodus album throughout the bands lineup changes. Gary Holt has Exodus blazing into 2010…  Metal legends never surrender.

The entire Fabulous Disaster album flat out Thrashes and burns. This is a must album for any new or veteran fans of Thrash Metal. Exodus helped pave the way for today’s younger Thrash Metal Bands… Exodus is Thrash Metal roots. I hope you enjoy The Toxic Waltz as much as I do! Fellow fans of Exodus know this song well… a classic. Now, it’s time to jump into the pit and crank this song loud mutha!!!

Exodus, as they appeared on Fabulous Disaster from 1989:

Gary Holt – guitar

Rick Hunolt – guitar

Steve Souza – vocals

Rob McKillop – bass

Tom Hunting – drums

Fabulous Disaster – Track Listing:

The Last Act Of Defiance

Fabulous Disaster

The Toxic Waltz

Low Rider

Cajun Hell

Like Father, Like Son


Verbal Razors

Open Season





  1. elabryth Says:

    I kid you not, I just listened to this album not 2 hours ago while I was scanning and filing documents at work. I LOVE EXODUS! You’re right about how great “Fabulous Disaster” is as an album, it is a near-perfect thrash album. I got into them on the “Pleasures of The Flesh” release… which I listen to at least every couple of weeks (for the last 20 years). Speaking of Thrash… and not to disrespect Anthrax, but I have never considered them part of the BIG FOUR. I get Metallica, Slayer, & Megadeth… but Anthrax? Exodus, for one, as well as Testament or Overkill, should hold that place. There truly is only the BIG THREE. There is no way Exodus (or for that matter Testament or Overkill) should be considered 2nd tier Thrash Metal to Anthrax. I know that’s off the point, but, there you go. I will be seeing EXODUS (for the 1st time), along with TESTAMENT & MEGADETH (both of whom I have seen before) in Atlanta, GA for the 20th Anniversary tour for “Rust in Peace”. That’s is gonna be so cool. That is so wild you bring up this absolute CLASSIC album. I am with Mike Portnoy when it comes to Thrash Metal “If I hadn’t gone into a Prog-Metal, it would have been Thrash.” As related to why he is the drummer for a band like Dream Theater and not doing something heavier. I started singing Prog & Power when the Thrash scene dried up. What a loss. LONG LIVE THRASH METAL and its new children, EVILE, BEHOLDER, etc. \m/

    • metalodyssey Says:

      And don’t forget Warbringer, Lazarus A.D. and Bonded By Blood as other Thrash young bloods too! It’s exciting to know that there are the Thrash “faithful” out there in legions! This is a standout Thrash Metal album… cool story how you just listened to it today. Great show you are going to see… a damn amazing lineup of legends. You are right on the Metal money about Overkill – that band is THE most consistent and hardest working Thrash Metal band in Metal history. (Based on albums released and touring, the proof is all there).

      Overkill hopefully will now get the honor they so well deserve with yet another fantastic album – “Ironbound”… again, it’s quality and consistency with this band. Yes, I DO AGREE with sliding Overkill into the “big four”. Exodus was there since day one… the legacy of Exodus is still being written. Testament belongs in the mix of originators too… what a comeback for this band, it makes me psyched for them! Especially Chuck Billy who is a true fighter. When it comes right down to it… there really is a “big 7″, then again, we could add a few more bands to the list too that helped build the Thrash Metal foundation. We probably could wind up with a “big 12″!!

      At this stage of the Thrash Metal game, it’s all about “Metal family” and “old school” with these bands now. Anthrax has their rightful place, they were part of “originating” the Thrash Metal movement. With Anthrax having time lapses between albums, it really seems to make a difference in how fans perceive them in “the pecking order”. It’s too bad… for I really admire the legacy of Anthrax, I can’t fault them for anything.

      Thanks for the cool Thrash talk – \m/


  2. NOW you are posting some goodies!

    Ha, I have an excellent EXODUS interview to post from this same era/tour!

    It’s on cassette and the thought of transcribing another interview just turns my stomach, however I WILL get around to it.

    Yeah no kiddin’ why does there have to be a “Big Four” anyway? That’s more silly journalistic crapolla. And who started that anyway? Probably to hype the “Clash of the Titans” tour….

    Fab. Disaster rocks from start to finish. Their show on that tour was just insane too. I saw them with M.O.D., so you know it was a MOSHING good time.

    Get your ass in tha’ pit kiddos…..

    besides, “if you hit the floor, you can ALWAYS crawl”!! classic line….
    love it.

    Pull out the rest of your 80’s Thrash cassettes bro….

    Demolish Mag.

    P.S. LAZARUS A.D. are good too. Mid-West in the house AGAIN!

  3. I saw them open for Anthrax on this tour. They ripped up. Of course Anthrax were better though. Then again the shirt I bought that night was Exodus. I wish I still had it. It had footstep outlines like dance steps on the back and something about everybodys doing the Toxic Waltz. This album still holds up well today.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Anything I ever bought from a concert was usually destroyed by the time I got it home. The funny thing is… there is this one tour program that I did manage to get home in excellent condition… Loverboy. You read that correctly. Not a typo. I actually “threw it away” years ago… I kinda wish I didn’t now, it would be fun to look at today.

      I guess I didn’t drink that much beer that night.


  4. i like this one and pleasure quite a bit, but toxic waltz is my least favorite track on the album.

  5. Great album and nice follow up to Pleasures…..Come on Sean, The War cover is the worst song on this album.

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