RATT – Yes, I have that Metal fondness for RATT. Always have. Plus, I’m a big fan of the late Milton Berle too, his appearance in the Round And Round music video only made it that more cool. Stephen Pearcy’s “other” band Arcade is unreal great… for me. I inhale the debut and self titled Arcade album, from 1993, like it’s Heavy Metal oxygen. My favorite RATT album ever, is Out of the Cellar, from 1984. This Out of the Cellar album is super loaded with one memorable song after another. Metal be thy name.

There’s much abuzz around cyberspace as to: Does RATT still have “it”? Will this album be worthy? Why is RATT reforming at all? My Metal answer to any and all of these questions is:


On or about April 20, 2010, I will obtain a brand spanking new CD of Infestation… and be damned glad I did. Will I like every song? Will I be disappointed for whatever reason? I cannot predict the Metal future. I’m not the Metal Nostradamus. I am anticipating, however, a bona fide and downright credible album from a group of musicians who know a thing or two about Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Look, for the nay sayers on the upcoming RATT release… it could be worse, there could be a brand new ABBA album coming out on April 20, 2010 instead. Worse yet, a CD/DVD deluxe edition of Jim Nabors could have been released as well. Think about those two chilling thoughts for a moment. Double whoa.

Vintage RATT:

For all the cool RATT info one could wish for, plus the first two singles from Infestation, (Eat Me Up Alive, Best Of Me) both streaming, check out these links below:


RATT – MySpace Music Page

RATT of 2010 is:

Stephen Pearcy – vocals

Warren DeMartini – lead guitar

Bobby “The Blotz” Blotzer – drums

Robbie Crane – bass

Carlos Cavazo – guitar

I just thank God each and every day that Hard Rock and Heavy Metal exists… period. This is RATT 2010, not some quickly put together, televised talent show winner that can’t remember their lyrics.

Ever since the Out of the Cellar album came out back in 1984, I seemed to have been imbedded with the sound of RATT ‘N’ ROLL. Back on May 19, 2009, I blabbed up and down, just how this RATT album brought great Metal joy into my teenage life back in ’84 . Check it out by clicking on the header below… if you like.

I drove my neighbors nuts with Ratt – “Out Of The Cellar”



8 Responses to “RATT – “INFESTATION” RELEASES APRIL 20, 2010… I’M IN!!”


    • metalodyssey Says:

      What a great Spring of 2010 it is for Rock ‘N’ Roll… I’m starting to feel like everything is o.k. in the whole world again!!

  2. I have not listened to anything off of it, but I am kind of interested. I loved Ratt from 84-90, but that 1999 album was a clunker. Likely I’ll break down and buy it because I have not bought anything yet this year.

  3. Actually I’d think that one album should be Iron Maiden’s, but I may still check out the new Ratt.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      With Overkill, Bruce Kulick and Armored Saint already released, look out… here come the Scorpions, RATT and oh yes, as you mentioned… Iron Maiden in 2010 too! Oh, yeah, Krokus as well! The Armored Saint is really good… there are some Hard Rock linings found within “La Raza”.

      I haven’t even mentioned the “newbie” bands or any of the “Extreme” Metal releases for 2010. I really do believe, this will be a fine Metal and Hard Rock year for releases. Alright, Arsis and Six Feet Under have me Metal giddy too. Mutiny Within is a solid listen. I love Metal. I can’t help myself.

      Plus, as a bonus… there should be NO new Lita Ford album in 2010!!

    • I was kidding, though I am pretty excited about it. I think so far, the most anticipated album for me has been the new Scorpions.

      I’ll buy the Iron Maiden album, but I’m more of a casual fan.

  4. coverdale Says:

    My independent CD retailer has heard that this new Ratt is really really good!! I hate to get my expectations too high!! But I am definately looking forward to hearing it!!

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