SCORPIONS –  2010 has arrived and so has the Scorpions. Again. What can be accepted as the official goodbye studio album from the Scorpions leaves a Metal lump in my throat. Let’s put all the emotions aside just for now and relish the Heavy Metal excellence that Sting In The Tail is really all about. March 23, 2010 shall always be considered by this metalhead as a day of Heavy Metal honor… Sting In The Tail was released by arguably one of the most honorable Heavy Metal bands to ever record albums and tour the globe. It’s not rocket science to listen to this new Scorpions album and realize it is something special. This is one fan who will argue to the end that Sting In The Tail is more than likely one of the best Heavy Metal album to have been released in years. The Scorpions obviously wanted to release a fabulous album of 11 songs to be their last… they have succeeded in my Metal opinion.

The Good Die Young is a Power Ballad and hit’s my emotional Metal button like there is no tomorrow. My God is this a prolific Scorpions song, I cannot express in words just how it really resonates with me. The opening song Raised On Rock is not just THE best song for me on Sting In The Tail, I dare myself to find a better Hard Rock or Heavy Metal song released this year! Or last year too. This song is about what I and anyone who visits Metal Odyssey hold so dearly to our hearts… ROCK. It doesn’t get any better than this, a song glorifying being raised on Rock and Roll.

Lorelei is the second Power Ballad and it seems to lift this anti-ballad Metalhead up and slam him down. I repent! I repent! The Scorpions have made me like Power Ballads again! Well, at least their Power Ballads. SLY is the third Power Ballad and it is Klaus Meine once again proving he can sing his heart out with real emotion… not the fabricated stuff that is flooding the music industry these days. Klaus Meine has been doing this for decades… he is a vocalist for the ages.

Spirit of Rock is my second favorite song on this supremely contagious album. O.k., I can’t find another Hard Rock or Heavy Metal song that is better than this one either… that has been released in 2010 thus far. This song, as with Raised On Rock, flows only like a Scorpions Heavy Metal song can… with such melodic and heightened, heavy exuberance. The Best Is Yet To Come can be construed as a goodbye song from the Scorpions and I don’t want to say goodbye. This song is inspirational with it’s lyrics, I truly hope the best will come from this group of elite musicians, in their future projects and endeavors.

Pointing out the musicianship of the Scorpions on Sting In The Tail is best summed up this way: these are Heavy Metal veterans, despite any lack of a full original lineup over the years, Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs and Rudolf Schenker are the epitome of Heavy Metal consistency and supremacy with decades of music to prove it. These three musicians are the core of the Scorpions, the mainframe if you will. The dual guitars of Matthias Jabs, (on lead) and Rudolf Schenker, (on rhythm), still have their powerful tones that have been enjoyed by my Metal ears for so many years. Pawel Maciwoda on bass and James Kottak on drums add incredible rhythmic thunder to this Scorpions band, they without doubt, add to the all encompassing heart and soul of Sting In The Tail.

Listening to and then falling in love with an album is all personal… not everyone is going to agree with me on my review of Sting In The Tail. This is an album that will forever lift me up and help me celebrate this ultra-glorious genre I know as Heavy Metal. The Scorpions have not stolen, they have politely taken my Metal soul for 2010 and maybe beyond. If Metal Odyssey handed out Metal’s of Honor… the Scorpions would receive the first. The Scorpions have proven to me years ago they are a Heavy Metal Band for the ages… Sting In The Tail only puts one hundred exclamation points after that Metal thought.

I make no Metal apologies for my Heavy Metal awakening, that the Scorpions have bestowed upon me with Sting In The Tail. I only extend one gigantic THANK YOU to this amazing band that has thrilled my Metal mind for decades, from my dazed and confused teen years to my middle-aged Metalhead life I have now… Scorpions, you have been there for me and countless other fans, now go out and kick some Heavy Metal ass like there is no tomorrow for the next three years!!!

* Metal Odyssey hopes and prays that Ron Keel’s Rock and Roll dream will come true… that the Scorpions will take his unreal great band KEEL out on the road with them sometime very soon!!! Please, Scorpions… Ron Keel is a good dude and KEEL deserve’s it!!

* Tarja Turunen – her beautiful voice can be heard on The Good Die Young.

* This Sting In The Tail CD also came with a cool punch-out card with 4 guitar picks! Once my daughter saw these Scorpions guitar picks, well, she has them for her collection now.

* The track listing on the back of this Sting In The Tail CD does have certain letters highlighted in red, when spelled out it reads: IT ROCKS

Track Listing For Sting In The Tail:

Raised on Rock

Sting in the Tail

Slave Me

The Good Die Young

No Limit

Rock Zone


Turn You On


Spirit of Rock

The Best Is Yet To Come

* Sting In The Tail was released on Universal Music Enterprises.




  1. I think almost every Scorpions since “Love Drive” is very good!

    They’ve been making records since 1969 or so. Now they can “retire” with their excellent legacy intact!

    (By the way, thanks for the link to my blog in your “Blog roll” list!
    I added a link to your site on mine too.)

    • metalodyssey Says:

      No problem in adding a fellow music enthusiast as yourself to Metal Odyssey’s blog roll! I’m all for the Scorpions having a right to retire… it’s inevitable for so many of these classic/veteran bands. The touring that the Scorpions are to embark on for the next 3 years is an unreal way to say goodbye to the fans.

      Plus, who knows what is in store for us with future “solo projects” from these fabulous musicians. In reality, the sky is the limit with their talent!

      Thanks for reciprocating the blog link!


  2. This has to be one of the greatest blog posts I’ve ever read!!! Truly an amazing band. I wll certainly miss them.. Now the real question is..Will they ever get inducted into the Rock N Roll hall of sham? I without question believe they should have already been inducted. I may be a little biased….Thanks for the Great Read!!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      The Scorpions are in the Metal Odyssey Rock and Roll and Heavy Music Hall of Fame!

      Thanks for the compliment… it’s all about Scorpions Heavy Metal and what they have meant to all of us fans. What’s to be biased about? This isn’t ABBA were talking about here… it’s a band that has put out more music than U2 and ABBA combined… and those two “Pop” bands are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame.


  3. elabryth Says:

    The new Scorpions release is EXCELLENT! As for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame, it should be a badge of honor NOT to be inducted. Like Gene Simmons said “It was never important for me to be accpeted by aging hippies”. That says it all. Looking forward to seeing the Scorpions out on tour. Great blog! \m/

    • metalodyssey Says:

      To see the Scorpions live before they bid a Metal ado, is key. You are right about the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Shame… well said.

      The way it looks to me, 2010 stands to be quite the momentous year for Heavy Metal!

      METAL IS THE LAW – (It felt good to put that down today)

      I still have my Judge Dredd comics from years past… Anthrax combined Judge Dredd and those famous three words perfectly.

      Stone \m/

  4. Wow! I honestly didn’t realize how much people loved this band. I thought it was just me. This is an amazing album! The Scorps have proved once again that they can “out Rock” any of the younger or older bands out there. Can’t wait to catch them on the road! Thanks for the heartfelt review. It was fantastic!

  5. This Album Rocks! This is the one album I’m taking with me to that deserted island!




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