M3 ROCK FESTIVAL – On June 19th, 2010, the M3 Rock Festival once again returns… and this year I’m there! I already received my two tickets through the “snail mail” this past Friday and with that… it is Metal official! What a glorious day of Rock ‘N’ Roll it shall be. Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Hair Metal fans unite! The juicy part of this entire M3 Rock Festival is that the unreal legendary Scorpions will be headlining! Getting an opportunity to see this historic Heavy Metal band on their farewell tour is a Metal privilege I shall cherish forever.

My other ticket for M3 will be for my best Metal buddy – Scott Coverdale. With all of his Metal research and CD’s he has uncovered for Metal Odyssey to jump up and down about… he deserves my buying his ticket. Plus, I’ll even splurge for the room and board Coverdale needs too… he is traveling from very expensive Connecticut to Pennsylvania, then he is driving my Metal lovin’ behind down to M3. That’s a Metal buddy.

I’m looking forward to meeting up with my other Metal buddies from Hard Rock Hideout too! Rob Rockitt, Brian Basher, and Ryo Vie are on board. I have already met up with Ryo Vie, he and I checked out Charm City Devils and Pop Evil together back in March of this year… he has a cool blog too called – The Rock and Roll Guru.

Just take a Metal looksie at the outrageously cool lineup of bands that will be Rockin’ the M3 Rock Festival… as I mentioned, headlining is the Scorpions, with Cinderella, Vince Neil, Kix, L.A. Guns, Winger, Warrant, Nelson, Jetboy, Trixter, Bang Tango, Dizzy Reed, ZO2 and Black Mambooza! Now, the only band I’m not familiar with here is… Black Mambooza. Give me time… I’ll rectify that Metal situation soon.

In my Metal past, I have seen Cinderella, Winger and Vince Neil – (fronting the incredible Motley Crue that is). So, getting to M3 to see all of these bands in one day is a Metal dream come true. I anticipate a real cool and gooood time… with hopefully some very cool stories and pics from M3 to share to the Metal and Hard Rock family around the world! Trust me, I’ll get the memories out on Metal Odyssey!

* The M3 Rock Festival is held at the Merriweather Post Pavilion, in Columbia, Maryland.

* For more info and ticket info about the 2010 M3 Rock Festival, click the link below:

M3 Rock Festival 2010



7 Responses to “M3 ROCK FESTIVAL, JUNE 19TH 2010 AND I’M THERE!!”

  1. wow – is that just a “one-off” local show?

    I would love to see the Scorps one more time for nostalgia sakes (even though they topped out after World Wide Live IMO).

    I wasn’t a big fan of most of these bands (then or now):

    Vince Neil
    LA Guns
    Bang Tango

    *Of course they had a few good songs here and there.

    I am allergic too these bands (in a bad way):


    *WINGER, at least can play their instruments!

    To me these bands were all part of the 2nd string signing wave that happened when the labels were chasing the “next big thing” (after RATT, MOTLEY CRUE, DOKKEN, POISON, CINDERELLA etc.) and were slightly above average “opening acts” compared to who came before them).

    back in the day: THE SCORPIONS <——-legends of course.

    Kix – I like these guys – never got to see them live though.

    Cinderella – yup a good first 3 albums and live show.

    Never heard of these before:

    Dizzy Reed of GNR
    Black Mambooza

    Let me know how they are please.

    *So I see the Hair Metal, Hard Rock and Glam covered…where's the METAL at!? 😉
    Throw in some ACCEPT (or UDO), ARMORED SAINT or maybe some High On Fire on a side stage for good measure etc.

    and "gee metal whiz (to quote the Stone himself)" – where in the heck are the RATT boys! They should be after CINDERELLA.

    The Kinger
    On the Throne Again

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Yeah… M3 is a “one and done” one day festival.

      Winger… man, “Karma” is unreal good stuff! Plus, as you stated… Kip Winger and his band can play.

      Nelson never hurt no one. (:

      You said it… Armored Saint and/or RATT on the bill would have been HUGE!! Here is another: KROKUS. Wow, would I love to those guys!!

      Trixter never hurt no one either. (:

      You know what I was thinking… you know how you get into those “moods” in the middle of the day and just need to listen to something really, really, heavy? Well, I really wish Death Metal would have gotten a nod here too… Obituary would have been perfect… for me. (:

      Black Mambooza… the mystery continues.

      Z02… they were on the Music Choice “rotation” when they used to have the “Arena Rock” channel.

      Stone M3

      • metalodyssey Says:

        I left out the word… “see” in referring to Krokus… it should have read, “Wow, would I love to “see” those guys!!”

        Stone Stands Corrected

  2. Looks like a great show. Isn’t this considered to be the spiritual successor of the original Rocklahoma (since they’ve gone on to book modern and unknown rock acts)?

  3. Ehhh, not so interested and it’s just down the road from me. I love the Scorps, but saw them in ’88. Like Cinderella too. After that not a whole lot. I used to like Bang Tango on the first two albums, but it’s really just Joe LeSte now, right? Warrant, Trixter and Nelson are like bottom of the barrell bands. Who knows if Vince Neil will show up sober or not.

  4. Scorps, Cinderella and Winger are worth it live…EVERY TIME.

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