ACCEPT – has returned! On September 14, 2010, the twelfth studio album – Blood Of The Nations, from this legendary Heavy Metal band from Germany, will be unleashed upon the world of Metal! Just click on that really cool video box below to hear the track – The Abyss from the forthcoming Blood Of The Nations.

It’s been 14 years since the last ACCEPT album was released – 1996’s Predator. Founding member and lead singer Udo Dirkschneider is unfortunately no longer with ACCEPT, instead he is continuing on with a very strong and successful solo  career with his very own Heavy Metal band – U.D.O., which testifies to Udo’s unrelenting allegiance to Metal. In my Metal opinion, ACCEPT with Udo Dirkschneider as lead singer is the real deal. Regardless, there are many other instances in the history of Metal where legendary lead singers change bands… (Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden), just to name a few Heavy Metal powerhouses that have had a changeover at the mic.

* ACCEPT has been down this Metal road before, regarding a change at lead vocalist. The 1989 ACCEPT studio album – Eat The Heat featured David Reece on lead vocal duty.

The new lead singer for ACCEPT – Mark Tornillo, (of TT Quick fame), is leading the vocal charge in 2010 and I really, really, like what I hear thus far from his vocals, on the song – The Abyss. ACCEPT returns with original members – Wolf Hoffman on guitar and Peter Baltes on bass. ACCEPT alumnus and guitarist Herman Frank is on board with this 2010 reunion album as well. Heavy Metal drummer extraordinaire and ACCEPT alum, Stefan Schwarzmann, will be reigning behind the kit.

* Upon my Metal research, I have found no definitive or official track listing for Blood Of The Nations as of May 3rd, 2010. I don’t want to post any “tentative” song titles just yet… staying credible is Metal rule #1 at Metal Odyssey. The Abyss is obviously a legitimate and yes, credible song that has been released to the general public thus far… and what a Heavy Metal song it is! The Abyss is heavy, hard, lean and gritty… Old School too! Just the way I Metal like it. Welcome back ACCEPT!

* A Metal kudos goes out to Scott Coverdale for steering me straight towards this new ACCEPT track – The Abyss! Thanks Metal buddy!

* Get more ACCEPT info – up to the minute by clicking on these ACCEPT links below:

ACCEPT – myspace music page

ACCEPT – Official Website




  1. Can’t wait for this one.

    Great “replacement” choice for UDO – I think this can work!

    Rock on!

    Proud owner of “Metal of Honor”

  2. I think Accept are like the Crue and Ratt where I don’t think it’s them without the voice I know and love. So no Udo=no Accept. Maybe I’ll check it out when it’s released, but I would much rather hear an U.D.O. release.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I understand your Metal point. There are two ways of looking at it… it’s these veteran Accept musicians carrying on their own Metal legacy without U.D.O. and putting out, so far, one mighty Metal song with “The Abyss”… and hopefully a mighty Metal album will follow it.

      Then, there is the clear fact, that yes, Udo was and always shall be the “voice” of ACCEPT. I look at it this way… it’s a “franchise mentality” out there in the music world… and ACCEPT is a bona fide Metal entity whose flame is not ready to burn out – just yet.

      Loyalty in Metal is to be respected… I can respect die-hard ACCEPT fans feeling this is not the real deal… I even expressed that ACCEPT with Udo fronting them is the “real deal” too. I just equally respect the musicians of “this” ACCEPT and their willingness to create Old School Metal that will ROCK my brains OUT!


  3. Coverdale Says:

    I don’t know much about Mark Tornillo, but he definately sports a Heavy Metal Voice, and to be paired up with Accept I’m in. It’s been a long time since Udo and Accept made music together. And, in my opinion the musicians of Accept is where the talent has always been. Wolf Hoffman is a great axeman, and I always believed the music of Accept carried Udo’s vocals. From what I’ve just listened to with Tornillo on vocals he clearly is a better vocalist for Accept at this point in their careers. For argumentative purposes David Reece also is a better vocalist.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Listening to this first track release only tells me that…

      ACCEPT means METAL business in 2010.


  4. “From what I’ve just listened to with Tornillo on vocals he clearly is a better vocalist for Accept at this point in their careers. For argumentative purposes David Reece also is a better vocalist”
    That’s just crazy talk. Reece was good in Bangalore Choir and Tornillo was fine with TTQuick, but Udo was a great fit with Accept.

  5. Coverdale Says:

    I am not saying that “Eat the Heat” was an Accept Classic, by far it’s a pretty weak effort all the way around. Accept even changed their sound for that album…But what I am saying is that David Reece’s vocals by far are much more dynamic than Udo’s growling style.. Bangalore Choir and Stream make that case for David Reece. Dont’ get me wrong I am a fan of Accept with Udo, but I always felt that the musicians in Accept are the talent and made up for Udo’s limits. I really can’t find much to like with UDO’s studio albums “Mean Machine”, “Holy”, or “Timebomb”. I do however recommend checking out Youtube and Listen to Mark Tornillo belt out “Balls to the Wall” and “Flash Rockin Man” a couple of times Accept fans such as myself will be quite pleased that there is now a vocalist that can match the talent of the band itself!!!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I heard Udo has taken you off his “guest list” for his Summer of 2010 barbecue.

      Udo on “Restless & Wild”, especially the song “Shake Your Heads” REALLY shook my Metal world as a young lad. “Restless & Wild” along with Udo on vocals was an “early” introduction for me… into the ultra incredible world of real Metal Music. I shall never forget how important that ACCEPT album was and still is to me… even if I still only have it on cassette!!


  6. Coverdale Says:

    I love Restless and Wild…By far Accepts greatest accomplishment!! I love the guitar work in “Princess of the Dark”

    • metalodyssey Says:

      You must mean… “Princess Of The Dawn”. (:

      A vintage cut… Udo gives this song it’s thick, lean and mean, Old School character.


  7. Coverdale Says:



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