NIDINGR “Wolf Father” – One Of Black Metal’s Blackest Unleash Their Strike

NIDINGR – The bells of inner Earth are tolling and the lava in hell is boiling, while NIDINGR is uncoiling their Blackest of Metal unto the suspecting and unsuspecting of humanity. Metal be thy name, is this band the keeper of the Darkest Black Metal core… they very well hold the key and secrets to the depths of infinite Metal Blackness. This is Black Metal, unleashed by NIDINGR at it’s most profound underworld greatest. Make no mistake, Wolf Father is an album where you sit down the Black Metal pupils and tell them to listen and learn. After a five year absence in making a new album, (the last being Sorrow, Infinite And Darkness from 2005), this Norwegian Black Metal band has created six new songs based on Norse Mythology themes.

If you find yourself straying about, wondering which bands new album can produce the heaviest and darkest blows of pure Metal, your answer lies within the songs on Wolf Father. Are there heavier and more Extreme albums that exist? Of course. Only don’t try to stay up all night searching for anything heavier. The constant on this album, is that all six songs carry out their sole purpose to devour whatever sounds of calm that may be in their atmospheric path. I do say with Metal certainty though, that NIDINGR wasn’t going to disappoint themselves or any dedicated Black Metal fan out there by creating this piece of Blackened work.

Fafnismol introduces the listener into the world of NIDINGR, with flamingly furious rhythms and breakdown riffs that are as haunting as they are original. Hellhammer on drums crushes down the beats with mind blowing speed. Cpt. Estrella Grasa belts out his torment laden vocals with viciousness that Black Metal loyalists come to expect, from one of the best this genre has to offer. Amidst the blackness there are many guitar parts that flirt on the melodic razor’s edge, all the while the all encompassing blanket of Black Metal stylings override this album as undisputed, darkened and pure underground.

If you are searching for that Black Metal curtain to lift up and reveal the extremity of sound that beckons you, Wolf Father will envelope your senses with it’s fortified blackness. Once you listen to Wolf Father you will undoubtedly listen again and again,  trying to come to grips that a Black Metal band such as NIDINGR can be this unimaginably extreme. I recommend highly all Black Metal fans to catch onto this blackened offering from NIDINGR, new fans to this genre should, no, need to grasp what Wolf Father is all about.

* Below is a roll call of associated Black Metal bands attached to each band member:

Teloch – guitar/bass (1349, Gorgoroth, Ov Hell, Orcustus, Umoral, Konsortium), Blargh – guitar/bass (Gravferd, Dødheimsgard), Cpt. Estrella Grasa – vocals (Kort Prosess), Hellhammer – drums (Emperor, Immortal, Shining, Thorns, Umoral, Mayhem)

* For more info on NIDINGR, click here: NIDINGR – myspace music


Teloch – guitar & bass

Blargh – guitar & bass

Cpt. Estrella Grasa – vocals

Hellhammer – drums

* Garm – from Ulver guest appears

Track Listing For Wolf Father:


Baldrs Draumar







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