MAELSTROM “It Was Predestined” – 3 Song EP Makes It’s Epic Metal Presence Known

MAELSTROM – Having established themselves as an underground Thrash Metal force back in the eighties, Maelstrom eventually parted ways as the nineties decade broke loose. The members of Maelstrom went their separate ways, while earning musical respect as members of other prominent bands, the likes of: Soilent Green, spOOge and [CAR BOMB]. Maelstrom has re-emerged upon the Metal scene, with an obvious goal to make Metal that will lead them to the front of the pack. Maelstrom has unveiled a three song EP, It Was Predestined, upon the world’s Metal faithful, giving us all a sign of grand Metal moments to come from them.

European Power Metal receives an influential nod from Maelstrom, the atmosphere and vibe is all there to be felt and heard in all three songs. I also hear the nuances of American Thrash, Speed and Death Metal so finely connected together within the Metal sound of It Was Predestined. Progressive elements of thunder, lightning and nightmarish backing vocals are featured in A Futile Crusade, with stormy atmospherics introducing Arise. Without going overboard on being epic, heavy and fast, Maelstrom has captured balance and actualized some impressive textures and layering within the structures of all three songs.

Gary Vosganian vocally applies a triple threat of Power, Thrash and Death tones, which all seem to match the present moment of each song accordingly. A notable attribute of Gary, is he comes across as a commanding and theatrical lead vocalist, beckoning my ears to listen all the more intently to the song’s lyrics. Joey Lodes does come across as quite possibly digging the legendary guitar talents of Yngwie Malmsteen. Joey can articulate with his guitar in an astounding fashion. One thing is certain, Joey does have an established guitar style and tone all his own. Plus, Joey also plays bass and keys for Maelstrom, a multi-Metalist that can’t be ignored… only appreciated highly by my ears.

With multiple Metal genres of influence being applied to their sound, Maelstrom is still ideally original with their Metal creations I’m listening to. Maelstrom has decided to give the term epic a whole new meaning of heaviness, speed and Metal bite. I look forward to an eventual full-length studio album from Maelstrom. This creative band will surely deliver, based on the three songs I’ve digested into my Metal soul thus far. It Was Predestined should be on any Metal lovin’ maniac’s hit list.


Gary Vosganian – Vocals, lyricist

Joey Lodes – Guitars, Bass, Keys

Daniel Kleffmann – Drums



A Futile Crusade


* Check out MAELSTROM & download It Was Predestined for free here:

MAELSTROM – bandcamp

* For more info on MAELSTROM, click on the link below:

MAELSTROM – facebook



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