Any regular visitor to Metal Odyssey knows, that from time to time, I like to post about Heavy Metal picture discs. This past year of 2009 was when I realized how much I really like collecting them… again. Back in the ’80’s, I picked up quite a few Heavy Metal picture discs. The picture discs that survived from being sold or traded by me over the decades, I have in recent months been showing to the world on Metal Odyssey. Here is a cool picture disc from Metallica, a Thrash Metal band that really needs no Metal introduction on Metal Odyssey. Metallica is in the elite class of Metal, a band that is partly responsible for my being a lifetime Metalhead. Uh, thank you, Metallica… very Metal much. Metallica’s first three groundbreaking albums will always be considered, in my Metal opinion, a major part of the puzzle in the creation and evolution of Thrash Metal Music. This is the Metallica I most revere, (and it is not due to my growing up with these first three albums either). The first three albums from Metallica experimented and brought forth a style of Metal Music that was/still is original as a personal signature. I pulled this Metallica gem out of a stash of mine this past week:




Why is this Creeping Death picture disc considered a 1st issue? Answer: There is NO barcode found on side 2, the 2nd issue of Creeping Death HAS the barcode on side 2.

Those pics of Metallica on Side 2 of this picture disc are now… vintage. Kirk Hammett on the left, Lars Ulrich on the top, the late Cliff Burton on the right and James Hetfield on the bottom. Yup, Metal time does seem to fly.

This Creeping Death picture disc was released sometime in 1984. (I just do not know the exact month/day of it’s 1984 release… I will continue my Metal research and update this post once I do know).

Although it is not printed on this actual picture disc that I own, this is a U.K. release, on the Music For Nations record label – I have found this information upon my Metal research through the years.

The infamous, picture disc letter & number code found on this Creeping Death 12″ is:

P12 KUT 112 – (you can see it, on the above side 2 image too)

I am absolutely psyched, that this Metallica Creeping Death picture disc is still in my collection. As I delve further into it’s track listing, the Thrash Metal History just seems to come alive… as you read on, you shall see what I mean!

The track listing on Creeping Death: (The image above, of side 2, shows it as well)

Side 1:

Creeping Death

Side 2:

Am I Evil?


Am I Evil? and Blitzkrieg were two songs labeled together as – Garage Days Revisited, (the above image of side 2, shows this).

Creeping Death is from Metallica’s second studio album: Ride The Lightning, (released in July of 1984. I can remember the first time I listened to this Ride The Lightning album, it was sometime back in 1984… I held onto and stared at the album jacket as the songs played on and I never felt more awe struck in my entire young life. Yes, I do remember trembling, upon my very first listen to For Whom The Bell Tolls… it was a listening experience so unreal, I can never forget it. Creeping Death, however, was/is just as sensational a song from Ride The Lightning as any of the others.

Metallica Ride The Lightning greatness never fades, it only grows stronger.

Am I Evil? is the b-side single on Side 2, a song originally written and made famous by Metal legends… Diamond Head, from the Diamond Head 1980 debut album – Lightning To The Nations.

Metallica’s cover version of Am I Evil? was only found on this Creeping Death 12″ picture disc, up until it was released on the Metallica album – Garage Inc., (a double album of cover songs), in November of 1998.

Blitzkrieg is the second cover song on side 2, a song originally written and released by the Heavy Metal band – Blitzkrieg. This song was originally released in 1981, on the Blitzkrieg 7″ single – Buried Alive. The song Blitzkrieg was later released on the Blitzkrieg 1985 album – A Time For Changes.

So there you have it, some Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal History surrounding the 3 songs found on this Metallica Creeping Death 12″ picture disc. I find it of Metal importance, to understand where the songs originally came from… and from what band and/or album. Die hard fans back in 1984 knew who Diamond Head was for sure, yet for Metallica to also embrace a song from Blitzkieg and make it work as a Thrash Metal cover, just magnifies the brilliance that Metallica created together as a band. To just listen to a song is one thing, to know the linkage of a song makes it all the Metal better… it’s called Metal roots, Metal history.


  1. Nice post – I have that one too.

    Those scans are super-clear!

    James looked so young in that era’.

    Here is the one that I prize the most for METALLICA:

    Jump In The Fire (first pressing, shaped pic disc).

    Go back to that book store that was closing and see if you can find this one:

    **I always dug Away’s artwork….cool guys too.

    I interviewed them and got drunk with them in a laundromat/bar across the street from Bogart’s In Cinci, Ohio after their amazing show!

    “Dimension Hatross” and “Nothingface” rule still.

    Happy New Year!

    Keep up the Metallic messages.

    Curt King
    Demolish Mag. (Gatekeeper)

  2. metalodyssey Says:

    Hey Curt – I agree with the Jump In The Fire pic disc… I actually posted about that one too! Click here to see: METALLICA “JUMP IN THE FIRE” PICTURE DISC – THIS 1983 RARITY IS ONE TO OWN

    Heavy Metal art appreciation is great stuff… I will look that up. The Vod… unparalleled with their progressive proficiency in Metal… fast – thrash – unreal great. One thing is for sure… Jason Newsted had landed a real fine gig with The Vod.

    Hey… how “Old School” is that? I keep blurting… “The Vod”.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Aw, crap… my “click here” did not work. Anyways… that is the title of the post I put up on November 18, 2009. Sometimes I try to be cool with my “click here’s” and it backfires on me. Thanks Curt… Happy New Year to you too.

  3. Man, Those Picture Disc’s are really sweet. I kinda wish I collected some awesome METAL stuff like that! Anyway Keep em coming! I really enjoy seeing and learning about these rarities on your blog!!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Zipper, as I always say… it’s never too late to find some of this Old School Metal stuff. Patience is a Metal virtue. Plus, I always say this too: “the Heavy Metal picture discs of today, are the treasures and keepsakes of tomorrow”.

      Uh, that sounded sappy. Hopefully, you know what I mean.

  4. I love it all, especially ‘Am I Evil’, but I am pretty sure it also appeared on later releases of the album Kill Em All, as well as the picture disc and Garage Days double cd.

  5. I only have it on green vinyl.

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