Mercyful Fate released their first full length studio album, Melissa, back in October of 1983. I remember back then, a high school buddy of mine named rich, he had this album in his clutches as soon as it was released. Rich eventually asked me if I wanted to borrow this album and give it a thorough listen. Listen I did. Metal truth be told, this album spooked the hell out of me back then. Heck, it was 1983, how many bands were out there that sounded like Mercyful Fate with Kind Diamond’s vocals? I remember staring at this album cover, wondering to myself… I’ve been introduced to a band that is heavier than Judas Priest. In 1983, getting my Metal taste buds wet with Judas Priest and Black Sabbath was a big deal… Mercyful Fate just shook my Metal senses loose.

Quite honestly, I cannot recall which album I listened to first back in the day… Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All or Melissa. It doesn’t really matter. The Metal fact is clear, these albums changed the way I and countless others listened to Heavy Metal Music back then… period.

I appreciated Rich lending me Melissa back in 1983, he was a real deal Metalhead and a good dude. Fast forward to today, I have Melissa on CD, it is a staple in my collection, a true Metal Classic. Each time I listen to this album, I am blown away realizing Melissa is from 1983 and it still reigns with all the Metal fury it bestowed from it’s initial release. This was just the beginning for King Diamond… so much Metal history and total quality surrounds Melissa. I never hesitate to consider Melissa as one of the greatest Metal albums ever. If you never heard Mercyful Fate – Melissa before, don’t despair… it’s never too late to appreciate this album and song. Give Melissa a listen below and crank it LOUD!

Mercyful Fate, as they appeared on Melissa:

King Diamond – vocals

Hank Shermann – guitar

Michael Denner – guitar

Timi Hansen – bass guitar

Kim Ruzz – drums



  1. This was my introduction to MF after already being in King Diamond. This is my fave by them for sure.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I revisited you cool breakdown – “My Life With Mercyful Fate”… a great read every time. I just got into that Mercyful Fate mood… needed to get the “real” spooky in my ears.

  2. Great album that I just listened to for the first time last year. I’ve softened my stance on MF since reading that King Diamond doesn’t believe in either God or Satan but the Satanic themes are still a turn off to a degree.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I understand your point. I always gravitated to Mercyful Fate and later King Diamond albums for purely the music. I tend to ignore the belief systems of whatever band I listen to, positive inspiration or just getting psyched is the only thing I ever want to draw from any bands music. O.k., I like getting spooked too from certain Metal bands! I always equated MF and King Diamond to horror anyways… just like watching The Exorcist or The Omen movies.

      It’s like anything else… just because certain “themes” exist in the music, does not mean it can “sway” my beliefs. I’m certain you know what I mean… at the end of the day, it’s Metal.

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