KINGDOM OF SORROW – The triumphant Metal return of Kingdom Of Sorrow commenced on June 8, 2010, with the sophomore release of behind the blackest tears, released on Relapse Records. Better get your Metal game face on and strap yourself in, before you let this new Kingdom Of Sorrow album beat down your eardrums into submission. This album is a listen in the most cement shattering, steel bending and Earth stirring form. Crunching and thunderous invading guitar riffs courtesy of Kirk Windstein, (of Crowbar & Down fame), are an ultimate Metal statement from this Metal legend. Kirk sharing vocals with Jamey Jasta, (of Hatebreed fame) makes for one hell of a bone shattering Metal dynamic duo.

A vast audience of fans and critics call Kingdom Of Sorrow a supergroup and that is justified. I rather look upon Kingdom Of Sorrow as a real Metal group, no jet setting or bragging rants about their red carpet waltz’s… these are two blue collar Metal veterans that aren’t polishing off any plastic Grammy’s that sit atop a grand piano. Jamey Jasta and Kirk Windstein execute their brand of Metal like a crashing meteor, obliterating all the stillness and serene landscape that gets in their way. They serve it up and smack you down with their extreme vocals, combined with heavy as molasses riffs, that explodes Doom meets Stoner and mixed with some good ol’ Sludge in it’s most ferocious form. Listening to behind the blackest tears isn’t comparable to opening up a can of Metal whoop ass, instead it’s like opening up a 5o gallon drum of Metal whoop ass. Metal be thy name.

Enlightened To Extinction greets you with an apocalyptic riff that leads into some melodic heaviness courtesy of a nod to some Metalcore, with Jamey Jasta exhibiting his Metal vocal diversity. God’s Law In The Devil’s Land pulsates with Kingdom Of Sorrow’s Metal fury, giving every reason as to why Jasta and Windstein are so great at sharing lead vocals. This song should be played extremely loud, atop a creepy mountain peek, during a full moon for some unsuspecting innocent village below to get panicked by. As Hardcore as Monuments Of Ash sounds, it’s Metal leanings and fillings are what makes the hair stand up straight on my arms. Whoa, does Monuments Of Ash kick my Metal lovin’ ass.

Behind The Blackest Tears can easily be targeted as my favorite song, it grooves along so incredibly heavy and just gives off some invitingly creepy vibes from every musical angle. From Heroes To Dust is another opportunity where Jamey Jasta lets his vocal diversity be heard. A more somber and turned down vocal delivery only gives From Heroes To Dust it’s proper due. This song is probably the closest thing Kingdom Of Sorrow will ever get to creating a ballad. Salvation Denied is without deliberation, the most Extreme and vocally Hardcore laced song on behind the blackest tears… and a damn good song at that.

No Class, the Motorhead cover song, is done quite impressively by Kingdom Of Sorrow. It’s an intimidating hurdle to cover a true classic like No Class, only Jasta comes impressively close to the legendary Lemmy Kilmister’s unique vocal style. As far as the music and song structure goes, Kingdom Of Sorrow left well enough alone… and that’s a great thing, if it aint broke don’t fix it. Still, hearing this version of No Class on the limited deluxe version of behind the blackest tears is a welcomed Metal treat to my Old School ears.

Soldiers Of Hell, the Running Wild cover song, plays out with an ultra contagious Heavy Metal vibe that is non-stop. The guitar play are an intense high to listen to on Soldiers Of Hell, proving to be a fabulous song choice for Kingdom Of Sorrow to cover. Saluting a real-deal, Old School and pioneering German Heavy Metal Band as Running Wild, along with covering the immortal and ultra important Motorhead, gets a Metal kudos from Metal Odyssey!

I purchased the deluxe edition of behind the blackest tears at my neighborhood fye, at a very decent price of $8.99, (U.S.). The cover pic, at the top of this post, is that of the slipcase cover of this deluxe edition. (The regular cover pic for behind the blackest tears is seen below the band names).

* Metal Odyssey gives behind the blackest tears – 5 out of 5 Metal Fists!

Who am I to find something wrong with this great album? When the Metal is this great, I stand up straight, bang my F’n head, raise the horns to the air and tell it like it F’n is.

* For more info on KINGDOM OF SORROW, just click the links below:

KINGDOM OF SORROW – MySpace Music Page


Jamey Jasta – vocals

Kirk Windstein – guitars & vocals

Additional Studio Musicians:

Charlie Bellmore – guitars & bass

Nick Bellmore – drums

Track Listing For behind the blackest tears:

Enlightened To Extinction

God’s Law In The Devil’s Land

Monuments Of Ash

Behind The Blackest Tears

Envision The Divide

From Heroes To Dust

Along The Path To Ruin

With Barely A Breath

The Death We Owe

Sleeping Beast

Torchlight Procession

Salvation Denied

Bonus Tracks On Limited Edition:

No Class (Motorhead Cover Song)

Soldiers Of Hell (Running Wild Cover Song)

* KINGDOM OF SORROW is currently touring with OZZFEST 2010!

* For more OZZFEST 2010 info, just click the cool link below:





  1. Damn Kirk looks scary in that pic!

    *I haven’t really listened since the early Crowbar days…man he sure has “aged” IMO.

    Yikes…will have to check it out.

    Thrash on,


    • metalodyssey Says:

      Hey Kinger… Jamey and Kirk look like two dudes I would want protecting my keg O’ beer at a private party for sure! 😉

      Take my Metal word for it… these two Metal vets combined are a Metal force to reckon with.


  2. Ozzy never brings his “Ozz-Fest” to Japan. 😦
    I wonder why.

    But this October, he’ll be headlining this year’s annual “LoudPark” heavy metal festival near Tokyo.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Hey… that “LoudPark” sounds pretty cool. It’s probably the old “logistics & money” issue as to why Ozzfest doesn’t do Japan or really go international. With so many bands involved, the bills must go through the roof for travel (air fares), lodging and man hours with roadies setting up. Plus, there must be extra insurance that must be purchased for doing international festivals too, that might be costly.

      I’m just trying to “sort out” some of the reasons for Ozzfest not being in your part of the world. Who knows what the future might hold though… for Ozzfest to finally travel across the Pacific. If the demand is there and the “right people” hear and see it, hey, where there really is $$ to be made I would think Ozzfest would go. In the end, a profit has to be made… the “old bottom line” exists even in Rock ‘N’ Roll.

      I’m no expert on all of what I ranted about though… just trying to make sense of it for you. 🙂


      • Yeah, what you say makes sense.

        As you said, there must be a potential for profit…but I figure Japan is an excellent market for the “OZZ-Fest”.

        Japanese fans are extremely loyal…and Ozzy has a legion of them here.

        Concerts in Japan are so profitable that many bands do “Japan only” tours. I’ve seen Aerosmith, KISS, and a few others on “Japan only” tours.

        As for “Loudpark”…why don’t you come to Tokyo and see it??

        • metalodyssey Says:

          It’s all about the logistics and $$ as to why I cannot visit Japan right now… however, a trip to Tokyo to see a Metal show like “Loudpark” and to spend lot’s of time at that KISS store you previously mentioned is on my future “to-do” list.

          Plus… I would want to sink my teeth into one of those “angry whoppers” too. 😉

  3. Great crushing album, curious to see the longevity of this band what it brings.

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