My favorite KISS solo album is…

main-150Each member of Kiss had released a solo album back on September 18, 1978. I remember back then, being a young Kiss fan, there was much to rejoice about… four new Kiss albums to choose from. Being just twelve years old, I could not just run out and buy all four new albums. Back in 1978, my parents did not have a bounty of expendable cash to dole out to me, thus I was only earning a quarter here and there for the yard work I did. (Sounds like the 1930’s or something, doesn’t it?). Instead, I waited patiently to obtain or receive as a gift, one or all of the Kiss solo albums. Not until January 26, 1979, did I receive the Paul Stanley solo album, as a birthday gift from my parents. To say that I was ecstatic on that day would be an understatement… Paul Stanley was and still is, my favorite musician and vocalist from Kiss. At that age, I remember just staring at the front cover portrait of Paul Stanley, holding the album jacket in my hands, thinking this was the greatest birthday of my entire life. The memories are so cool to reflect on… what is more cool is that Paul Stanley is still making music both solo, (“Live To Win”, October 24, 2006), plus with an upcoming new Kiss album.

I don’t know if it is just me, yet I feel the songs on this album could very well have been released recently, given the fact there are so many vintage Heavy Metal Bands being revived in recent years. Maybe it is due to my growing up with Kiss and these albums, that I do not find this music dated. Well, enough about the age and dates here… this is the album that boasts my favorite Heavy Metal ballad of all-time, it is “Hold Me, Touch Me (Think Of Me When We’re Apart)”. This song always held it together for me, with the melody, lyrics and Paul Stanley’s vocals being three parts of equal coolness. This album opener is “Tonight You Belong To Me”, a song I consider to be one of the heaviest out of the bunch. This song opens up with Paul Stanley singing as if he is about to embark on a slow ballad, this is definitely not the case. The Heavy Metal gravitational pull, swallows me right up with this great song. “It’s Alright” is another fine heavy song, it has for me, all the qualities to still psyche me out – with Paul Stanley’s vocals again, the ever important lyrics and of course, the music itself.

“Move On” is the one and only song on this album that I really have never grown to like. This is a song that I could not connect with, nor do I understand how it musically fit into the song list for this album. Obviously, “Move On” has never swayed my admiration for this Paul Stanley solo album. One song that does not meet my liking is not going to ruin an entire album of songs. Paul Stanley wrote every song on this album, while co-writing with Mikel Japp on “Move On”, “Ain’t Quite Right” and “Take Me Away (Together As One)”. Out of the four Kiss solo albums, Paul Stanley was and always has been my choice of favorite, this is not to take away from the Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss albums… it is just my personal taste. Besides, I do enjoy the other three solo albums too, just not in the same way as this Paul Stanley solo album. As a whole, I have always found this Paul Stanley solo album to be the catchiest, most melodic and more song driven out of the four, with some cool slices of Heavy Metal to go along with it.


6 Responses to “My favorite KISS solo album is…”

  1. you’re the first person i have ever known who prefers this one over the others. personally i like the ace album best with this one 2nd.

  2. metalodyssey Says:

    For me, it is Paul Stanley’s vocals – always has been. The songs for me are just good stuff, except for “Move On”. Ace is second, Gene third and Peter last in my liking the solo albums. One thing is for certain, “New York Groove” was the biggest hit out of all of them – Ace gets credit there.

    In Metal – Stone

  3. and he didn’t even write it! great song though.

  4. I prefer this one over all the others hands down.

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