I bought this W.A.S.P.The Headless Children picture disc way back in 1989, I don’t remember the actual month, all I remember is being completely thrilled by this W.A.S.P. album. I initially bought The Headless Children on cassette… I still have it too… in super duper mint condition. I’ve mentioned in past posts, that I am fortunate by keeping some of my Heavy Metal picture discs from the 1980’s. I really am psyched that I did keep this W.A.S.P. picture disc, especially since W.A.S.P. has never ceased with Heavy Metal output over the years. Add the fact that W.A.S.P. is in my top 5 of favorite lifetime bands and that about says it all. Now that I have immersed myself so deeply into the 2009 release from W.A.S.P. – Babylon, I find myself wanting to collect more offbeat and collectible W.A.S.P. stuff. Time, patience and greenbacks are all key, in striving to achieve any collection that I so crave. I will stumble upon some W.A.S.P. stuff in 2010… and when I do, I will blab away about it right here on Metal Odyssey, you betcha.

Metal Odyssey Note: I just cannot wait to hit up the flea markets and thrift stores in 2010… Metal Music hunting will be turned up a notch this coming year, I vow to make the finds a Metal reality, at low end prices to boot! All of the discarded and unloved Metal memorabilia out there, shall be saved upon my finds! (That felt so tremendously great, to get that out of my system).

Uh, yeah, back to this unreal great picture disc. Blackie Lawless started to get a bit more serious with his song lyrics and themes on The Headless Children, the proof is in the listening and/or reading of these lyrics. My Metal buddy Scott agrees with me on that statement… I think he is the one who actually stated it to me! Blackie Lawless either wrote or co-wrote every song on this album, with the exception of The Real Me, (which was written by Pete Townshend – guitarist/vocalist for the ultra legendary The Who). The Heretic (The Lost Child) and Thunderhead are two songs on this album that Blackie Lawless co-wrote with lead guitarist Chris Holmes. The Headless Children and The Real Me are my two favorite songs on this album. Let me just say that every song on The Headless Children is Old School – wrecking ball – Heavy Metal. No one Metalhead out there can do wrong by buying this album, Metal truth be spoken… it is a must own. In my Metal opinion, I consider The Headless Children to be a very strong W.A.S.P. album, the foundation for the great run of albums Blackie Lawless delivered in the 1990’s. The Headless Children picture disc I have owned for so long, well, it IS a keeper.

The front cover/side A of this picture disc, has the original front cover album artwork, (see image below). On the B side of this picture disc are the complete lyrics to the songs, printed right onto the vinyl. The thick plastic sleeve that this picture disc has been safely stored in, for over 20 years, also came with a cardboard backing insert too… it has a black & white photo of Blackie Lawless with Chris Holmes to his left and Johnny Rod to his right. The cardboard backing – cover photo is right here… look below:

W.A.S.P. as they appeared on The Headless Children:

Blackie Lawless – lead vocals & guitar

Chris Holmes – lead guitar

Johnny Rod – bass guitar & vocals

Frankie Banali – drums

** Lita Ford – provides backing vocals on Thunderhead

The complete track listing, for the original 1989 album release and picture disc of The Headless Children:

Side One:

The Heretic (The Lost Child)

The Real Me

The Headless Children


Side Two:

Mean Man

The Neutron Bomber

Mephisto Waltz

Forever Free


Rebel In The F.D.G.

* A Metal Note: Maneater is NOT the Hall & Oates song, NOT! Ugh.

Release date for The Headless Children original album: April 15, 1989

Release date for The Headless Children picture disc: Sometime in 1989

Record Label: Capitol Records

The Headless Children picture disc code, (whatever that is, it’s on it anyways): ESTPD 2087

Here is what The Headless Children picture disc looks like, front/A side:

If you look really closely at the artwork on The Headless Children, there are quite a few real life bad dudes on the cover. How many can you identify?


  1. One of my favorite W.A.S.P. albums of all time!! My favorite is the Heretic(lost child). I definately feel Blackie went back to this album when writing Babylon!! Awesome Picture Disc by the way!!

  2. metalodyssey Says:

    I agree whole heartedly. Yeah, that picture disc is really cool. I’m just very glad that I never sold or traded it throughout the years!

  3. Could you image the shock and awe if W.A.S.P. did cover Hall & Oates? LMAO! 🙂

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Yeah… Blackie Lawless could probably take a Hall & Oates song and make it Metal worthy after all. Heck, if Children Of Bodom can cover Kenny Rogers and make it sound cool, then I guess anything is possible. It’s just that damned Maneater song from Hall & Oates… it has to be in the top ten of all-time worthless, Modern Era songs ever created.

  4. H&O is already cool!

    I saw this WASP Tour and got to hang out with Johnny Rod before the show. He was pretty nice.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I do listen to the older, (1970’s early 1980’s ) Hall & Oates… so I am no longer a closet Hall & Oates fan, uh, listener. I saw Daryl Hall on his solo tour way back… at an amusement park too… I would trade it in a Metal second for the W.A.S.P. show you saw though.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I wouldn’t pass up a chance to hang out with Johnny Rod… that must have been real cool. You should blog that moment… it would be a great read.

  5. Let me know if you would like to trade links for out blogs.

  6. metalodyssey Says:

    Don’t anyone get me wrong out there… I DON”T listen to Hall & Oates – Private Eyes and get all psyched out of my mind… it’s like an Arlo Guthrie or Little River Band thing… I listen.

  7. Wow, how did this turn into a Hall N’ Oats comment list?…”I can’t go for that…No can do!!


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