Back in April of 1989, W.A.S.P. released The Headless Children, this proved to be THE album that really made me a lifetime fan of Blackie Lawless and his band. My best Metal buddy Scott, he is to blame for getting me into this album to begin with, I thank him for that. Sometime in 1989, (I can’t remember the exact month for Metal sakes), I bought the 12″ vinyl single of The Real Me from a back stabbing and obnoxious record dealer in very expensive Connecticut. The price back in ’89 for this W.A.S.P. record was $9.98. I could not resist the purchase, it was the only copy in that decrepit record store, it’s W.A.S.P. and the collectible side of my Metal brain always wins out in the end… especially when an item doesn’t cost a ton of dough. As a bonus, this 12″ single is enclosed inside a very, very, large W.A.S.P. poster, (see pics below). Back in ’89, I was still living at home, (with my parents), so my living space was a very small bedroom with walls already adorned with Metal posters… posters I just could not take down due to my loyalty and allegiance to so many bands. I am now glad I never hung this poster years ago, it’s basically in mint condition still.

The Real Me is a cover song from The Who, written by Pete Townshend… undisputed Rock legends. This song is found on The Headless Children album:

Here is what The Real Me 12″ single – record poster/jacket looks like when folded up flat:

The B – Side (or) Side Two Songs On The Real Me Single Are:

Lake Of Fools and War Cry

Lake Of Fools and War Cry are later found on the 1998 reissued CD version of The Headless Children.

The Real Me 12″ single was put out on Capitol Records. 1989 Sanctuary Productions Inc. is also printed on the back of this poster/cover.

Made In England is found on this same back poster/cover, (it appears to be rubber stamped). So, needless to say… this 12″ single of The Real Me is an import.

Please excuse the quality of my images below. Besides, being perfect is NOT Metal.

Here is the front side of this W.A.S.P. – The Real Me poster/record jacket:

The caricatures of Blackie Lawless, (guitar, vocals), Johnny Rod, (bass), Chris Holmes, (lead guitar) and Frankie Banali, (drums) are fun stuff. It’s Old School Heavy Metal. I probably won’t attempt to hang this poster up today… it’s just too vintage to ruin now. (Unless I find a poster frame large enough to hold it). Besides my picture disc of The Headless Children, this is the only other cool W.A.S.P. record I have, that is considered a limited vinyl collectible. I know I say this often, still, I’m just thankful for the stuff I did get ahold of and kept after all these years. Maybe I’ll find another W.A.S.P. vinyl collectible down the road, on one of my Metal hunts.

Here is the backside of this W.A.S.P. – The Real Me poster/record jacket:

The photo’s of W.A.S.P. on this poster are really cool and nostalgic to me. 1989 was a moment in Heavy Metal time that will never be forgotten by Metal Odyssey… I’m sure I speak for throngs of Metalheads worldwide.

5 Responses to “W.A.S.P. – “THE REAL ME” 12″ SINGLE FROM 1989 REVISITED!”

  1. I have always liked W.A.S.P. Upon “The Headless Children” release, I became a worshiper at the altar of Blackie. This is an amazing album. “Mean Man”, “The Heretic”, “Rebel in the F.D.G.”… just phenomenal. “Forever Free” is one of the most beautiful tracks he had ever recorded (until “Hold on to My Heart”).. ‘With this release he started the next phase of W.A.S.P. “The Crimson Idol”, “Still Not Black Enough”. I Love when Blackie goes political and conceptual. I Like “Helldorado” & “K.F.D.”. But, it is albums like “Unholy Terror”, “Dominator”, and the latest “Babylon” that show what an incredible talent he is.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I could not have said it any Metal better myself! K.F.D. is just vicious stuff… Blackie was really ticked off on that album! I really like K.F.D. too, that is the one album that seems to really divert from the “norm” of Blackie Lawless and W.A.S.P. – in my Metal opinion. “Dirty Balls” on Helldorado is flat out hilarious stuff.


    • metalodyssey Says:

      (Phew). I’m back on your Metal “good side” now… especially after Painkiller… I was concerned! No kidding. Oh… I second your hell yeah!

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