Back in 1989, when I first heard the song Epic by Faith No More, I thought to myself… this is different. Here is a song that seemed to spark my interest, while also psyching me out in a way similar to, (yet not equal to), the way my beloved Metal, Thrash or Death Metal does. I was worried, was this song spelling doom for Metal Music? Was Faith No More conspiring along with the Grunge invasion from Washington State, to take over the world? I liked Epic a great deal, the loyalty for my Metal genres would never be in jeopardy… despite turning onto an Alternative (semi-Heavy Metal) Hard Rock band like Faith No More. How ridiculous it all seems now, the thoughts that went through my head, as I look back upon my first listens to The Real Thing, (Slash Records/Reprise), back in 1989. The self questioning of my Metal loyalty? Whatever. I should have known better then… Metal Music wasn’t going away – ever. Grunge was not going to take over the world either. In fact, since the abrupt and tragic end of Nirvana, I have kept up with the music career of Dave GrohlAlice In Chains has become a core favorite of mine over the years, with Stone Temple Pilots not being too far behind. As for Faith No More, this is a band that mixed things up for me in ’89 and beyond… in a very good way.

The questioning of my self Metal loyalty back in ’89 and into the early ’90’s was due in part to the Metal is done “misinformation” that the mass media was playing around with. The commercial media just was not covering the Metal Music and Metal Bands during these supposed dark times. Therefore, being a devout Metalhead, listening to anything remotely considered to be Alternative, meant that I was part of this out in the open and massive conspiracy, designed to thwart and defeat Metal Music from planet Earth altogether. Nonsense! The real conspiracy were the ridiculous and self imposed thoughts that permeated through my brain back in those days!

The Grunge and Alternative Metal movements have taught me a valuable Metal lesson, one that I have become empowered by and carry out to this very day in 2010: I listen to what I like, what moves and inspires me, regardless of it’s respective genre.

The Real Thing album includes the cover of a legendary and ultra historic Heavy Metal song – War Pigs by Black Sabbath. REDEMPTION!! Buying The Real Thing by Faith No More back in 1989 was Metal worthy after all!! In my Metal opinion, while listening to the Faith No More cover of War Pigs, I get the impression Michael Patton on vocals, Jim Martin on guitar, Bill Gould on bass and Mike Bordin on drums sound very much like a Heavy Metal Band to me. Besides, Mike Bordin transitioned his Alternative Heavy Music style to full-on Heavy Metal, flawlessly, while being the drummer for Ozzy Osbourne too.

Woodpecker From Mars isn’t just a far-out and cool song title, this instrumental is Metal, Arabian atmospherics and all. Woodpecker From Mars has become my Alternative Metal soundtrack to my Alternative Rock and Metal embracing, Metalhead life. Each time I listen to Surprise! You’re Dead!, it justifies my liking Faith No More and The Real Thing as much as I do, this is just an incredibly heavy song, real heavy. Since 1989, I have listened to and enjoyed this Faith No More album, it really is The Real Thing for me.



  1. Faith No More is one of those bands that is on my bucket list. I gotta see them play live.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I’m not trying to sound naive when I ask this… is your “bucket list” a “good list”?

      • lol…bands I want to see live before I kick the bucket.

        • metalodyssey Says:

          Now, that is funny. Cool to see you like them that much too. I read recently, in Metal Hammer, Faith No More toured the U.K. this past Summer of 2009… Download Festival, Reading Festival and others. A 10/10 review for the Reading Festival appearance for them, courtesy of Metal Hammer.

          Jon Hudson played guitar, with Bill Gould on bass. I haven’t verified the drummer for their U.K. 2009 tour…

          I have not read/heard of a new album happening from them in the near future.

  2. it ain’t the same without Jim Martin on guitar IMO “metal opinion”.

    *they were OK live but something was lacking and I suspect “Jim” just might be it.

    Jim Martin was def. responsible for the HEAVY (metal) riffage in F.N.M. esp. their MTV hit videos.

    I enjoyed this album too. Although I played “Introduce Yourself” more.

    The piano blowing up in their video is one of the coolest MTV-style video moments in history. Love that…

    I dig some of the Mr. Bungle but not the Fatomas.

    I guess I “want it all, but I can’t have it”….

    Mr. Kinger
    Demolish Fanzine

  3. 1] “The Real Thing” is an excellent album. “Surprise! You’re Dead”, “The Morning After” and the incredible “Zombie Eaters” are wonderful. 2] I have to disagree with Mr. Kinger. Faith No More are as good, if not better, without Jim Martin. Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for what Mr. Martin did in FNM. The impressive Trey Spruance (from Mr. Bungle) replaced him on the “King for a Day”. That is one talented being. Then on “Album of The Year” another guitarist came in by the name of Jon Hudson. That album is nearly perfect. It is just the culmination of everything that was possible with FNM. Anyway, Jim is happy with his garden and I am happy that Faith No More are back. If they decide to do a new album, I hope they progress from “Album of The Year” instead of doing “The Real Thing II”.

  4. let me chime back in and let everyone know that I was only referring to their performance at U.K. this past Summer of 2009… Not sure if it was Download Festival or Reading Festival?

    I did not prefer the sound or lineup with out Jim on the older material and or just in general. It didn’t “suck” by any means and yes it was great to see them back. I was quite happy when I saw them come on as I did not know they were even on the bill.

    Plus it has nothing to do with how talented his replacement(s) are.

    And lastly, I quit listening to F.N.M. right around Angel Dust.

    *oh yeah, Jim made an appearance in the new 2.0 Metallica Rockumentary (or whatever it’s called) on VH1 classic. He looked a bit different after all of these years.

    Cheerio m8tes,

    Bloody Brit

  5. I’ve seen them 2 x’s Once with Billy Idol, once with Guns N Roses & Metallica,

    I used to be a huge Patton fan and anything he touched was gold, then he started making noise so I’m over him, but I still listen to the entire FNM catalog regularly.

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