Slayer. Just the name alone makes it known that this is serious, real serious… Metal. Slayer’s songs have and always will resonate the pissed off, evil and vendetta seeking side of the human spirit, the lyrics of their songs do not lie about that. The years pass by and Slayer is still the reigning dark side – Thrash Metal champions of the world, (in my Metal opinion). As a matter of Metal fact, I don’t recall a single moment in my Metal appreciating life, when Slayer has not been considered by me to be the baddest mother fu**ers to ever play Metal. Now, onward with the 1991 Slayer Thrash Metal, live slatanic classic… Decade Of Aggression:

Decade Of Aggression is a double CD, (double cassette or vinyl album too, if you want to get picky). The original release date for Decade Of Aggression was October 22, 1991, on Def American Recordings. Back around 1992, I was fortunate enough to discover this double CD in a very thick, black metal slipcase. (No kidding, it is real metal!). This metal slipcase encases both CD’s and the 24 page liner notes booklet. Man, is this metal slipcase heavy stuff… I have not actually weighed it, still, it feels like I am holding at least 5 or 6 pounds of metal! Sometime back in ’92, I saw this unique Slayer Decade Of Aggression package, behind the front counter at a Record Town store… in very expensive Connecticut. My eyes never lost sight of this Slayer prize that day, I made a Metal beeline to the cashier and stated I was buying this Slayer gem. I cannot recall for certain, the actual price I paid for this metal packaged version of Decade Of Aggression… it was in the neighborhood of around $50 U.S. and worth every cent. This limited edition package of Slayer Decade Of Aggression had a run of only 10,000 copies. My copy of Decade Of Aggression came with a certificate of authenticity, gold foil embossed, stating it is numbered: 005815 of 10,000.

* Note: Skeletons Of Society and At Dawn They Sleep are two songs found only on this metal slipcase version of Decade Of Aggression.

In the center front of this metal slipcase, is this classic Slayer logo – metal etched on a center block:

(This Slayer logo looks entirely silver on the front metal casing, due to it being metal etched.)

Here is what this incredible metal slipcase package of Decade Of Aggression, that I own, looks like:

The metal slipcase is unreal great stuff… whoever thought of marketing this back then is a Metal genius. The interior CD slipcases are of a heavy black paper stock. Note that the front cover of the liner notes depicts the original Decade Of Aggression album cover. I have seen the import version, some online merchants have it available for purchase today, it has the original album cover. (I own the original double cassette too, I have kept it in Metal mint condition all of these years. Here is another view of what the original album/cassette/CD cover looks like for Decade Of Aggression:

Now here is what the front album/CD cover of Decade Of Aggression looks like now, if you were to go to a retail record store today and buy it:

Now, as for the live Thrash Metal of Slayer heard within Decade Of Aggression… it’s F’n Slayer man. There is nothing more to break down other than it’s fast, brutal, aggressive and… live Slayer greatness. You’ll be blown away by Dave Lombardo and his double bass drumming assault, guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman dueling with leads and riffs that will sting your face like freezer burn and Tom Araya combining both the bass guitar and vocals into a frenzied slatanic blitz. Slayer is one of the very few bands I cannot get fancy about, when it comes to doing a review… what you should know is that Slayer sounds Thrash prolific on Decade Of Aggression. You will hear a band that executes and succeeds at maintaining the highest level of Thrash Metal energy, throughout this entire double CD of songs. These following two lines are actually printed, on the back cover of the liner notes:

Unlike most other live recordings, this is Slayer completely “live”. No overdubbing exists on this recording.

The Complete Track Listing For Decade Of Aggression:

Disc One

(Recorded live at Lakeland Coliseum, Lakeland, Florida, 7/13/91):

Hell Awaits

The Antichrist

War Ensemble

South Of Heaven

Raining Blood

Altar Of Sacrifice

Jesus Saves

Dead Skin Mask

Seasons In The Abyss

Mandatory Suicide

Angel Of Death

Disc Two

(Recorded Live at Wembley Arena, London, England, 10/14/90):

Hallowed Point

Blood Red

(Recorded live at Orange Pavillion, San Bernadino, California, 3/8/91):

Die By The Sword

Black Magic

Captor Of Sin

Born Of Fire

Skeletons Of Society *(only on this metal slipcase version)

(Recorded live at Wembley Arena, London, England, 10/14/90):

At Dawn They Sleep *(only on this metal slipcase version)


(Recorded live at Orange Pavillion, San Bernadino, California, 3/8/91):

Spirit In Black

Expendable Youth

Chemical Warfare


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  1. I was not fortunate enough to aquire one of the “Black Metal” cases. Though, a buddy of mine has and I got a copy of one of the two bunis tracks… “At Dawn They Sleep” live. That is one of my favorite Slayer tunes, and the track that got me into them. Slayer albums are like pizza. When they’re good, they are very good. When they are not, they are still O.K. \m/

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I do like “Diabolus in Musica”, with that said, every other Slayer release has/still does just knock me down. Slayer has stuck to my Metal senses since such an early age… that “imbedding” philosophy I really am a believer in. Still when it comes down to it… it’s also a personal taste “thing” too. With Slayer never creating a ballad or “mellowing down” to any commercial entity, man, that is staying so true to what Thrash/Extreme Metal was originally meant to be.

      In Metal – Stone

  2. I could not agree more. It is a matter of taste. “Reign in Blood”, “Hell Awaits”, “South of Heaven” & “Seasons on The Abyss” are a near soundtrack to my young adult life. Slayer continue to be Slayer, though I am not now who I was then. That is the wonderful thing about Music in general, and Heavy Metal specifically, the music scores who you are. Later, I got into Kreator, Coroner, Holy Terror, and Slayer didn’t resonate with me and my anger anymore. Though, even if “World Painted Blood” is the heaviest record they ever record, for who I am now, it will not resonate with me the way those other 4 albums do. I look at what I wrote and it seems I am not making much sense, so I will just stop. It seems I can’t get across textually what I wish to express. Keep up the great work and stay true. Long Live Slayer, what would Thrash/Heavy Metal be without them? \m/

    • metalodyssey Says:

      You make sense. I listen to Slayer and Extreme Metal for it’s energy now. The lyrics are all entertainment value for me now. I am one where it works in reverse: the more extreme the music, the more it psyches me out and simultaneously, eradicates any pent up anger I might have. Even when I was a young lad, this music never motivated me to cause a disruption in society. (Watching the nightly news and/or 24 hour cable news is what angers me!!!). After hearing and viewing (on the news), about so much violence, unrest, shady politics and backstabbing that goes on daily, in this world, it is a band like Slayer that gives me the perspective I need. (Then I will listen to some Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Moody Blues and ELO to go off on a mind journey far, far, away from the “outside negative news interference”).

      Man, who ever said Metalheads don’t think or talk deep? Heavy Metal is not all about “banging your head”… it’s also about “thinking with your head too”. Hey, maybe I should be nominated for next years “Pulitzer Peace Prize” for that statement. Now you shouldn’t feel so bad about what you wrote… especially after you read this blab from me.

  3. check your email

    *sending over a blood-red SLAYER promo you might like to see.

    it might end up in your “Spam” folder…

    Curt King
    Demolish Mag.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks Curt, I got it! That’s some cool and vintage stuff. I like the comment… “They never blame Barry Manilow for writing depressing songs”, thats true and funny. Plus, Kerry King is so damn right about “Decade Of Aggression”… “mistakes and all” … “our fans aren’t into that phony stuff”… that’s what Slayer is about.


      Classic promo material you have there, thanks for sharing it.

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