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Rock Music Book Review: “I Found All The Parts – Healing The Soul Through Rock ‘n’ Roll”

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I just recently finished reading “I Found All The Parts – Healing The Soul Through Rock ‘n’ Roll”, written by Laura Faeth. This book has it’s Rock Music theme built within the true personal soul searching and healing journey of Laura Faeth. Laura’s favorite Rock Band of all time she refers to as TBIF, (the band I follow), in which this band triggers a spiritual awakening for her. Upon Laura’s realizing this spiritual awakening back in 2002, (through listening to TBIF’s music and attending their concerts), she then embarks on this soul healing journey… Laura takes you through her self investigative approaches as to how she connects the dots – in making a spiritual and mystical connection between herself and the band she follows. 

Without giving away every detail of this inspiring and at numerous times, thought provoking book, Laura Faeth comes to the realization that her spiritual awakening involves her being reincarnated. This reincarnation involves the band she follows in a very astounding way… for a major aspect of her awakening is that the band she follows are central figures of her soul group, (group reincarnation). Laura’s Past lives which center around the lead singer of the band she follows are conveyed with the sincerest of belief. Synchronicity, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Karma, intuitive insights, tarot card reading, dream interpretations and psychic advice are examples of how Laura Faeth enriches her knowledge and soul, in helping her with healing past life traumas, her ego and personal self doubt. The concerts of the band she follows only help in justifying her past life beliefs and her connection to this band.

There are just too many exquisite details that occur within Laura Faeth’s personal soul healing journey to mention here… I found myself rooting for her every step of the way. There are enough humorous moments within Laura Faeth’s journey to provoke the chuckle bug within me. Laura’s skillful use of words provides the clarity and realism that is usually lacking in most books on personal experiences. The theme which delves into the healing power of music is what I find most gratifying, which includes the positive affects that music vibrations has on the human mind and soul. Laura Faeth uncovers so many enlightening details as to how Rock ‘n’ Roll can awaken you spiritually, that this book I will not only read again, I will use it as a reference guide as well. If you are looking for that new book to dive into and digest… especially a book with undeniable relevance to Rock ‘n’ Roll, this offers it with so much more… Laura Faeth’s personal and spiritual awakening was just the feel good story I needed, to realize just how truly important Rock ‘n’ Roll really is to humankind and my soul as well.

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"I Found All The Parts" Laura Faeth book cover

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