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I accepted an 8 track tape of The Doors “Alive She Cried”, now what?

Posted in Hard Rock, Metal, Rock with tags , , , on March 28, 2009 by Metal Odyssey

409613Just over this past Winter, I believe it was sometime in January, I stopped by a “good” neighbors house for a visit. It was early evening, I forget the actual day of the week, however it was arctic cold outside. The visit to see my neighbors went well, good conversation, fine refreshments and an offer I just simply could not refuse. My neighbor friend offered me, a mint in-package, factory sealed, 8-track tape of The Doors “Alive She Cried”. This little gem was also for free too. So, I replied to my neighbor, upon being asked if I wanted this 8-track, “yes, yes, I would like to have it, thank you.” Once it was time to set forth on my journey home, (about a 30 second walk), I tucked this factory sealed 8-track into my leather jacket to protect it from the wind and cold. 

Upon my return home, I was a tad bewildered with myself. Why? Why I asked myself. Why did I accept an 8-track tape knowing that there was no way on mother Earth that I could ever possibly play it and enjoy it? Did I accept it for it was free? Did I accept it for it was The Doors? Did I somehow go into some sort of cosmic and chaotic mind loop and think that maybe, just maybe, I was once again in 1981, with the ability to just “plop” the 8-track into my 8-track player waiting for me at home?

I believe the answer is simple. I get so darned crazy for my music I love, that I will jump for joy at the chance to accept any freebie that is Rock & Roll related. Even if the freebie is an item that could never be considered functional or of quality use, heck, if one of my favorite bands is remotely related to the object, I am all over it, thank you very much. Now, is this 8-track of The Doors “Alive She Cried” worth any money? I doubt it is worth much loot at all. My guess would be, say, 2 dollars? Maybe this item is worth, because it is still sealed in it’s original plastic wrapper, 3 dollars? I really do not care about the monetary value of this 8-track at all. It is the novelty of the item, a conversation piece if you will. 

I do stare at this 8-track now and again, thinking about how I used to own not one, but two 8-track players when I was in High School. Back then, I was considered the cool “stereo wizard” on my block. Now, this “technology” is considered prehistoric, ancient, dark ages, take your pick. If you were to show an 8-track tape to 100 college seniors today, I bet 100 college seniors would not be able to identify the darn thing. I am satisfied that I did accept this 8-track tape from my neighbor, on that arctic cold night. It is mine now, for me to not be able to play it, only to gaze at it and be reminded of how I really do not miss the “hissing” and “cluncking” sound of the old 8-track players, back in the dark ages.

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