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L.A. Thrash Masters ANGER AS ART To Release ‘Ad Mortem Festinamus’ March 11 On Old School Metal Records

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ANGER AS ART - Ad Mortem Festinamus - promo cover pic - 2016 - #MO993393

Veteran L.A. Thrashers ANGER AS ART will release their new album Ad Mortem Festinamus March 11 on Old School Metal Records. On the highly anticipated follow-up to 2013 barnstormer Hubris, Inc., the quartet has done the improbable by creating a roaring Thrash Metal beast that doesn’t just raise the bar; it crushes it into dust.

A lyric video for album track “Aim for the Heart” can be absorbed into the bloodstream at this location or below:

Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Ronald Sandoval at Rev Studios, Chino CA, Ad Mortem Festinamus (Latin translation: We Hurry into Death) is everything you’ve come to expect from ANGER AS ART…and more! Speeding recklessness, lacerating solos, and a shrapnel storm of riffs combine to make what will undoubtedly be considered one of 2016’s fiercest forays into Thrash Metal Armageddon.

Ad Mortem Festinamus is venomous, angry Thrash/Speed/Death Metal. If you feel that no one hears your voice and you’re pissed about it, then this is the album for you…because everyone is angry and ANGER is beautiful!

Pre-order Ad Mortem Festinamus here.

ANGER AS ART - promo band pic - 2016 - #MOILMFD9939393


Rob Alaniz – Drums, Vocal
Eric Bryan – Vocals, Bass
Steve Gaines – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Dan Oliverio – Guitar, Vocal

Additional Musicians – Greg Johnson – Organ

ANGER AS ART - Ad Mortem Festinamus - promo cover pic - 2016 - #MO993393

Track List:

1. Ad Mortem Festinamus
2. Pissing On Your Grave
3. Aim For The Heart
4. Tombward (Bryan)
5. L.A. State Of Mind
6. Unknowing, Undead
7. Hammer, Blade, and Twisting Fire
8. We Hurry Into Death
9. Two Minutes Hate
10. Praise Of The Firehead
11. Dim Carcosa



You may read a number of bios where bands will extol their virtues of being the next big thing, as important as Led Zeppelin and inventor of the wheel. ANGER AS ART doesn’t do that.  They don’t need to.

To know what ANGER AS ART is, one can look at what they have been since 2004.  A first-rate, old school Thrash Metal band – rooted in the history created by the members of the band. Take one look at their lineage – members of Abattoir, Evil Dead, Bloodlust, Hirax, Reverend, Bitch… and know where they are going.

Two World Tours, shows with Destruction, Overkill, Testament, Death Angel, Exodus, Saxon, Agent Steel, ex- Maiden vocalists Bayley and DiAnno, Tankard, Onslaught, Katatonia and many more.


Source: ClawHammer PR

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For more info on ANGER AS ART:


More info on ANGER AS ART:




ANGER AS ART – To Headline Puerto Rico Show For Rock Spot Plus TV; Special ABATTOIR Set Planned

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Thrashers ANGER AS ART will be headlining a festival-style show in San Juan, Puerto Rico on December 15th that will be broadcast on TV show Rock Spot Plus. The gig will be recorded/videotaped for possible future release by ANGER AS ART. In addition to performing ANGER AS ART material the band will close out the performance with a short set of ABATTOIR songs.

A promotional video for the Rock Spot Plus show can be viewed here:

ANGER AS ART will release Hubris Inc. on February 5th,  2013 via Old School Metal Records. ANGER OF ART founder and Veteran of the Metal Wars Steve Gaines (Abattoir, Bloodlust, Tactics, Bitch, Dreams of Damnation, Pagan War Machine) states that the band’s fourth album, which follows the well-received Disfigure, offers the kind of vicious, memorably penned Thrash/Speed Metal that fans have come to expect without simply retracing the steps taken on previous albums.

Adding to the album’s immense appeal is a range of special guest appearances. “Rage and Retribution” features Betsy Bitch on vocals, Jim Durkin (Dark Angel) on lead guitar and Timothy Gaines (Stryper) on bass. Steve Nelson (Evil Dead) contributes backing vocals on “The Evil You Create.” And last but certainly not least, “Speed Kills,” which features Mark Caro (Abattoir) on lead guitar, was actually written for Abattoir back in 1984 and is performed by all Abattoir members.

HUBRIS INC. – Track Listing:

1. Hubris Inc.

2. Time Devours Life

3. Gods of Hate

4. Anger is the Reason

5. Speed Kills

6. This is why I Hate

7. As the Exalted Seethe

8. Pearls Before the Swine

9. Divided We Fall

10. Head of the Snake

11. The Evil you Create

12. Pieces of Red

13. Rage and Retribution

14. Never Forgive Never Forget


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on ANGER AS ART, click on the links below!

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