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Paul Di’Anno’s BATTLEZONE – ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ – Reflecting On This 1987 Heavy Metal Song

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Paul Di’Anno’s Battlezone – Back in 1987 Paul Di’Anno’s Battlezone released their second studio album: Children Of Madness. Damn good album it is. I let it go decades ago when I was sincerely piss poor to the wind, either in trade or for a few bucks. By some Metal miracle, I do remember the very day I bought this slab of vinyl too. Here is the embarrassing story:

In 1987, I was living in very expensive Connecticut and working at a bearing factory during Summer and Winter breaks from college. I shoveled oil and also worked in the waste treatment facility there. Yes, it was a dirty job. A job only a Metalhead could enjoy. Just a couple of streets away was a fine establishment called The Moosehead Tavern. It was normal for me to stop in there after work and down a few ales. On this particular day, I downed quite a few.

Right next door was a comics and collectibles shop which also sold a very cool assortment of Heavy Metal vinyl. My cousin Randy managed this store and was in charge of buying and selling all the music. Well, on this particular early evening, I stumbled from The Moosehead Tavern into this store and exchanged conversation with the owner and my cousin. Then I saw the Children Of Madness album. Uh, oh…

I grabbed this album and held it up high, like it was my F’n Heavy Metal trophy. Then, without hesitation, I broke into song. Oh no. I began to sing in a drunken stupor, what lyrics I knew to the song: I Don’t Wanna Know. There were a few other customers in the store and they became quite nervous and scared of me, from what I remember. The store’s owner and my cousin told me to either pay for the album or get lost. I paid for the album, all the while I kept bellowing the wrong lyrics to I Don’t Wanna Know. One dude buying sports cards gave me that “I’ll kick your ass look” and I really didn’t give a shit.

My cousin knew I was harmless and just feeling pretty damn good. With his face contorting and fists clenched, the store’s owner was very pissed-off at me. This made me sing belligerently all the more. I left with that new album under my arm and drove myself home. Please remember, this was back in 1987. Yes, I was an idiot. I’m lucky to be alive for being such one. At least I can look back and laugh at it, all while writing about this dumb-ass memory. Metal be thy name.

Take a look and listen to I Don’t Wanna Know by Paul Di’Anno’s Battlezone below. Try not to imagine me singing this song in a drunken state either.

Children Of Madness is out of print. There are currently 2 used Children Of Madness CD’s on selling for $74.99 and $99.98 respectively, in U.S. funds.

Paul Di’Anno’s Battlezone:

Paul Di’Anno – vocals

Graham Bath – lead guitar

John Wiggins – lead guitar

Steve Hopgood – drums

Pete West – bass

Children Of Madness – Track Listing:

Rip It Up

I Don’t Wanna Know

Nuclear Breakdown

Torch Of Hate

Whispered Rage

Children Of Madness

Metal Tears

It’s Love

The Promise

To The Limit

* For more info on PAUL DI’ANNO, click on the link below:

Paul Di’Anno – Official Site



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