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RUNNING DEATH – Thrash Metal Band From Bavaria To Release Debut Album This Year

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Running Death - promo band pic - 2014 - #4460

The bavarian Thrash Metal masterminds from RUNNING DEATH are currently putting all their love, sweat and tears into writing their upcoming debut album.

The record is to be released in late 2014 and RUNNING DEATH will for sure gain a lot of prompt attention – from more than just fans of their genre.

What we’ve seen so far makes us expect nothing less than a Thrash Metal sensation!!!

The band was founded in 2004 and has from the beginning, always been looking for quality, diversity and a completely unique style.

Exploring their own ground is what keeps these musicians and founder, guitarist and singer Simon Bihlmayer awake at night.

Running Death - promo cover - 2014 - #33310

You’re way more likely to hear stomping Heavy Metal riffs paired with unorthodox arranged razor-sharp Thrash riffs… than all the things you’ve already heard so often and really have grown weary of!

Celebrating wide diversity and integrating an extraordinarily ambitioned reinterpretation of 80s flair, the four Metal maniacs invite you to a journey through their wonderfully catchy and powerful songs.

All those factors combined create such a unique and ever exciting soundscape, that many kinds of Metal and even Rock heads will find their itch for genuinely good music scratched!



Simon – Guitar & Vocals

Julian – Guitar & Shouts

Vigi – Bass

Jakob – Drums



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* For more info on RUNNING DEATH:

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