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Dario Mollo’s CROSSBONES – Signs With Frontiers Music SRL

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Crossbones - promo band photo - 2016 - #MO9966ILMFSO

BREAKING NEWS: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Dario Mollo’s CROSSBONES.

Best known for his partnerships in the The Cage with Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath) and Voodoo Hill with Glenn Hughes (Black Country Communion, Deep Purple, California Breed), Italian guitarist Dario Mollo began his career in 1981 with the band Crossbones. With them, he released his first studio album in 1989, which was produced by Kit Woolven (Thin Lizzy, MAGNUM, and UFO, among others) before getting involved in the production side of things himself.

“This new project, “CrossBones” was created with the intent to pay homage to the band from where it all started,” says Dario. For the occasion, he brought back the drummer of the original lineup, Ezio Secomandi together with his regular collaborator Dario Patti on bass and keyboards.

The choice for the singer is Carl Sentance (Nazareth, Don Airey Band, Persian Risk, KROKUS, who came at the suggestion of Don Airey of Deep Purple, during a recent visit to Dario’s home.

“This album includes the best of all the experience I gathered in my career in music and in artistic production,” concludes Dario. The quality of the material he recorded is witness to that.

The album is planned for release towards the end of 2016, with tour dates to follow.

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MOLLO / MARTIN ‘The Third Cage’ – 5 Factors Spotlighting This Notable Album Of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal

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MOLLO / MARTINDario Mollo (guitarist & producer) has teamed up with Tony Martin (vocalist) for another new album of Melodic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal songs titled: The Third Cage. This album has ten songs of musical substance, fusing both elements of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in seamless and memorable fashion.

This is a new release from Mollo / Martin that should not be overlooked. A complete album of songs it is and I can’t hold back by calling The Third Cage as one of the best of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal albums for 2012. The Third Cage will be releasing on January 20, via Frontiers Records.

Below are 5 factors I’m spotlighting as to why The Third Cage is indeed… one of the best in album releases during this new year:

Factor #1: Dario Mollo. This Italian musician is simply wonderful to take in on guitar. You’re not getting anything watered down from Dario, just one stupendous guitarist that knows how to balance the melodic with the heavy. Dario’s solo’s are a treat to my ears and I applaud his precision in keeping each song interesting as hell. You must hear Dario Mollo on guitar to truly understand my appreciation for his skills.

Factor #2: Tony Martin. Yes, Tony is a former vocalist for Black Sabbath and one of the unsung hero’s of Heavy Metal’s history. Whatever Tony has done to keep his vocals in top form after all these years should be bottled up and sold to the highest bidder. Clarity is always key with Tony and his melodic tones resonate all that is golden about a revered era of Traditional Heavy Metal.

Factor #3: Dario exhibits his diversity as a guitarist by adding plenty of Funky licks in Can’t Stay Here. The end result is some Heavy Funk that Tony Martin sings along to brilliantly. This song is a winner and made for a pleasant surprise for me on this album.

Factor #4: The keyboards. The added layer of sound that the keyboards gives to The Third Cage is a key necessity to establishing the feel and vibe of these songs. War Dance is elevated to the stratosphere due to them keys.

Factor #5: Seasoned talent doesn’t always equate to an excellent album of songs, only this seasoned crop of musicians have proven to my ears there was grand chemistry that swirled amongst them, during the writing and recording process. Not one song sounds like it was “slapped together”, instead, attention to detail and a continuity of quality flows from each song.

THE THIRD CAGE – Track Listing:

Wicked World

Cirque du Freak

Oh My Soul

One Of The Few

Still In Love With You

Can’t Stay Here


Don’t Know What It Is About You

Blind Fury

Violet Moon

Mollo / Martin:

Dario Mollo – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

Tony Martin – Vocals

Roberto Gualdi – Drums

Fulvio Gaslini – Bass

Dario Patti – Keyboards

Brian War – Keyboards

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