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FROM ASHES TO NEW “DOWNFALL” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

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From Ashes To New - Downfall - promo EP cover pic - 2015 - #0339966MOSN

4 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


FROM ASHES TO NEW are a Rap/Alternative Metal band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Their new EP Downfall has grabbed my attention in a positive way, as you’ll read below. The band’s debut studio album, Day One, is slated for a February 2016 release.

Adding to the excitement that is stirring within the From Ashes To New camp is their forthcoming supporting role on the Christmas Vacation Tour; a tour which boasts Falling In ReverseAtreyu and Assuming We Survive. From Ashes To New just concluded a supporting role on the Five Finger Death Punch Tour; a tour that also featured Papa Roach and In This Moment. ‘Nuff said and whoa.

I once lived in Pennsylvania for nearly seven years, right on the Allentown city line. During my time living there, I can easily state that Pennsylvania is a hot-bed for music. From the annual Berks Jazz Fest in Reading to Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with many bustling music clubs in-between, music is an essential part of social gathering in The Keystone State.

With the likes of Hall & Oates, Halestorm, Cinderella, Sinister Realm, Motionless In White, Candlelight Red and Poison originating from Pennsylvania, it doesn’t surprise me at all that such a talented band as From Ashes To New call this great state home as well.

From Ashes To New - promo band collage pic - 2015 - #993300MONSSMSC77

From Ashes To New: Matt Brandyberry (Vocals/Guitar/Keys/Programming) Chris Musser (Vocals) Branden “Boo” Kreider (Guitar/Vocals) Garrett Russell (Bass) Tim D’onofrio (Drums)


From Ashes To New blend their styles of Rap and Alternative Metal together in a seamless fashion, with all four songs on their new EP: Downfall. These songs are filled with more hooks than a pro fisherman’s tackle box and flow with each other like a fresh mountain stream. Seriously, From Ashes To New have taken their own musical canvas and painted their own art upon it; there is very much originality here to be heard and embraced. Where some bands of this ilk can get downright annoying, From Ashes To New have sucked me into their melodious vacuum.

As the Rap Metal goes, I find it to be as cool of a listen as when Anthrax had done it many Metal moons ago. These are well written (both lyrically and musically) and thought-out songs on Downfall; while they’re also minus any lullaby moments too. The numerous spurts of heaviness throughout this EP makes it all the more enjoyable for me; plus I truly dig the vocals and chorus that From Ashes To New perform so very well. It appears that Lancaster, PA has exported a talent that I could not resist boasting about and I wish nothing short of the very best for From Ashes To New. Metal be thy name. – Stone.


Downfall – Track List:


Lost And Alone

Land Of Make Believe

Through It All


For more info on FROM ASHES TO NEW:


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