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I LOVE RICH – “Respect The Rich” Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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I Love Rich - Respect The Rich - promo cover pic - 2014

4 Metal Fists Out Of 5!


I LOVE RICH – It happened a couple of weeks ago. I was minding my own business, while checking out my email inbox. Then I saw it. Rich, the frontman  for “I Love Rich” wanted to know if I would like a copy of his band’s new CD to review: Respect The Rich. The CD arrived in the mail some days later. I opened the package and stared at this fun looking CD cover art and thought, as the legendary Mick Jagger would sing: it’s only Rock And Roll (but I like it).

Before this historical email from Rich, I never heard of his band before. Heck, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The last thing I need in my Metal life right now is a group of Rock And Roll troublemakers, from Chicago, messing with me to review their new CD. I felt worry overcome me, slightly. I slapped in and listened to this Respect The Rich CD into my laptop; then eventually into my home stereo. Both results were the same. I LOVE RICH ROCKS!!

I Love Rich - Respect The Rich - promo cover pic - 2014

One thing is for certain, Rich and his band have received an obvious influence from early 70’s KISS. That’s a very good thing too. Rich actually has a cool resemblance, vocally, to the legendary Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. In my Metal opinion, that is. Respect The Rich have 6 original songs on their new CD, with 2 added alternate versions of (You’re So Hot) I’m Gonna Fuck You With The Lights On. It’s honestly a fascinating song and Rocks so well! A true sing-along Hard Rock song if I’ve ever heard one.

I Love Rich plays their Hard Rock with conviction and there’s no smoke or mirrors about their sound or songs. Hell, Classic Rock and red-blooded Hard Rockers should get a dizzying kick out of this band! I Love Rich is a band that makes me proud to live in the Mid West. Just like my other Mid West, DIY band favorites, I Love Rich are contributing to the Rock And Roll cause in a very splendid way, indeed. ALL of the songs on Respect The Rich flat-out Rock and I would love to see I Love Rich in a live setting. Hell yes, I would.

With a BIG guitar driven sound, impressive vocals and kick-ass musicianship all-around, I Love Rich have delivered to me a memorable CD! You can’t kill blue-collar Rock And Roll and I Love Rich are proof positive of this. Life can be filled with Rockin’ surprises and that’s why I do check my email inbox everyday. A talented and underground Rock And Roll band that’s been paying their dues, going on 2 decades, I cannot resist respecting. I Love Rich and their Midwest Rock And Roll kicks legitimate ass. Metal be thy name. – Stone


Now… go online and buy Respect The Rich, it’s available on iTunes and at cdbaby. Click the cdbaby link below! Whoa!

YOU can listen to I Love Rich – Respect The Rich in its entirety, by using that super-amazing SoundCloud song box below! Whoa!

I Love Rich - promo live band pic - 2013 - #4009876

RESPECT THE RICH – Track Listing:

01 – Respect The Rich (Intro)

02 – (You’re So Hot) I’m Gonna Fuck You With The Lights On

03 – Wake Up, Let Me Rock You

04 – We’re Here To Save Rock And Roll

05 – Fight The Fire

06 – If You Don’t Take Your Clothes Off, Tonight’s Gonna Suck

07 – (You’re So Hot) I’m Gonna Fuck You With The Lights On (Rock En Espanol Version)

08 – (You’re So Hot) I’m Gonna Fuck You With The Lights On (Clean radio version AKA (You’re So Hot) I’m Gonna Love You With The Lights On)

I Love Rich - Respect The Rich - promo cover pic - 2014

* For more info on I LOVE RICH:

Facebook: I Love Rich


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