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KISS KOLLECTIBLES – Wanna See My KISS Frisbee? Let’s Revisit Some RATT and Other Cool Stuff…

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KISS KOLLECTIBLES – That’s it at the top! That’s my KISS Frisbee. You bet. I bought it from a souvenir shop at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom a couple of years ago. KISS Kollectibles can be found where you’d least expect ’em. I remember it cost $10 (U.S.) and I was psyched to lay the money down for it. As I just wrote that last sentence, Lay It Down from RATT popped into my head, whoa. Good song too.

Okay, so I don’t use this KISS Frisbee to throw around outside (or inside either). I keep it out in the open leaning against some albums. Weird stuff, I know. What can I do? I’m a KISSAHOLIC and dig KISS Kollectibles. (The KISS Kollectibles I can afford that is).

Alright, since I had to go and mention Lay It Down by RATT, here is the album cover for Invasion Of Your Privacy:

Invasion Of Your Privacy was released back in 1985, on Atlantic Records. I remember buying this RATT release on vinyl, at a department store named Caldor. I remember like it was yesterday, walking with this album under my arm through the store and on my way to the checkout. I remember feeling my face getting all hot and flush from the album cover too; feeling like every customer I passed by was staring at the album cover and then at me. Man, was I a goober.

The hot (Playboy) model on this RATT album cover is Marianne Gravatte. It’s not like I bought this album back then for the cover, still, it didn’t hurt either. The other “hit” single from Invasion Of Your Privacy was You’re In Love. Good song. I liked the MTV videos for both hit songs too. You remember MTV? They used to play music videos! Now MTV stands for: Moron Television.

Here’s some fun & fast facts about the stuff you’ve just read:

01 – Invasion Of Your Privacy has reached Double Platinum status. Whoa.


03 – Marianne Gravatte also appeared in the Lay It Down music video.

04 – KISS not being inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is an F’n joke.

05 – The name “Frisbee” is a generic term attached to any flying plastic disc. However, the gentleman responsible for branding the Frisbee is Richard Knerr ( inventor and co-founder of Wham-O).


Alright, since you’ve stuck around this post (and I greatly appreciate that) here is a Metal bonus for you! Check out my Orange County Choppers Frisbee below! Whoa.

I bought this cool Orange County Choppers Frisbee right at the OCC store/headquarters itself, up in Orange County, New York! A few years back is when I journeyed to OCC. The souvenir shop they have there is gigantic! You can buy just about anything there with the OCC logo on it! By the way, the choppers they have built and on display there are simply breathtaking, let me tell you. Metal be thy name.





The word “goober” was used in this post.


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