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Stone’s State Of The METAL Address For 2014

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Black Sabbath - debut - self titled album cover promo - pic

On this day, January 21st, I hereby declare my State Of The METAL Address for 2014.


My fellow Metal brethren, as you read this, Metal is very much alive and well. Across the continents, Metal is still a tried and true force that we uphold to the highest degree and the non-believers must acknowledge as real; for we Metalheads, hell rats, underground dwellers, children of the night and maggots are MANY. Metal bands everywhere are continuing to dominate the clubs, both above and underground, with their Metal musical messages. Metal has and will continue to slam into the mainstream album charts; thus proving there are commercial outlets that cannot fully reject the truth, power and loyalty behind Metal.

Around the globe, Metal festivals both on land and sea are currently being planned and/or already have sold out for the 2014 festival season. The underground Metal scene is perhaps bigger, badder and more determined than ever before. Without the underground, there is no Metal future and our Metal backbone shall cease to exist. With media outlets such as Bandcamp, SoundCloud and YouTube, there has never been an easier time in our Metal history to get the Metal doctrine out to the masses; by sharing for free, the sacred sounds of Metal. Underground Metal must continue to invade and dominate these media platforms and look upon this technology as an asset to Metal.


I want to thank each and every musician and band of Metal that breathes today. You should ALL be very proud, however, your work is not yet done; continue onward with the drive and passion of our glorious Metal founders and pioneers and let your Metal be known. I want to thank each and every record label, blogger and PR agency that is dedicated to the exposure and marketing of Metal. Let us NEVER forget our said founders and pioneers of Metal; for our Metal existence is due to their gifted talents, influence and of course… bravery.

My fellow Metal brethren, do not take any shit from any naysayer, while still being kind to thy fellow Metalhead and stranger alike. Continue to hail Metal; for if you are loyal to Metal, Metal shall be loyal to you. Using the iconic Black Sabbath debut album from 1970 as a starting point for the timeline of Metal, our beloved genre is now in its fifth decade of existence. We are not going away.

We are strong. We are one. We are METAL. 


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small

Let us all remember that Mother Earth is to be respected and not used like a throw-away item. Our vast Metal community can make a difference to the ecology and climate of our planet.


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