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SYLOSIS – After Tour Bus Accident, Band Needs Support From Metal Community

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Sylosis - Tour Bus Crash - pic - 2013 - Sept. 26

SYLOSIS – As many of you know (or may not know), Sylosis was involved in a terrible tour bus crash, this past week. Fortunately there were no casualties; however there were injuries, resulting in the band’s tour cancellation with Trivium and DevilDriver. Money is now a huge issue for these unfortunate Metal lads from Reading, England.

I’ve posted below, the (2) actual Facebook entries from Sylosis’s guitarist/vocalist Josh Middleton. Maybe you can (please) help this great Metal band get back on their feet to recover their funds lost, due to this accident. Metal be thy name.

Sylosis - Monolith - promo banner pic - 2012

As reported by guitarist/vocalist Josh Middleton, on the Sylosis Facebook page, on September 26th.

Hey guys. Josh here again and again wanting to thank everyone for their support these past few days. It’s been overwhelming.

We’re really feeling it pretty hard today and are looking like a bunch of slow, old men when we walk. Aside from the physical issues that prevent us from continuing on with the tour it has also put us in thousands of pounds worth of debt due to losing the deposit (and now paying extra) on the RV, damaged trailer, booking new flights home, equipment damage and we’re now incurring all kinds of transport/accommodation costs as we make our journey home.

The last thing we want is for people to think we’re now cashing in on the accident and taking advantage of people’s sympathy, but we need some help right now so we’ve just released two exclusive tshirts where all the profits will go towards clearing our debts. Both of the shirts are available as a pre-order.

One is the tour tshirt (now with the majority of the dates cancelled) and the other is a brand new design we were waiting to release when we launch all our new designs in the a few months time. We like the idea of you guys helping us and actually getting something for your money but we will also accept paypal donations of any kind to:

I can’t stress enough that we do not intend to exploit the situation.

Thanks to all of you guys and the entire metal community right now for showing us so much support these past few days.


Below is an injury and band status report for Sylosis, As reported by guitarist/vocalist Josh Middleton on the Sylosis Facebook page on September 25th, 2013:

Hey everyone, Josh here. Myself, Rob and Bailey have just been released after over ten hours in hospital. Carl is being kept in overnight as he’s in too much pain to walk but should hopefully be released tomorrow morning (Montreal time) once some of his muscle pain/swelling has subsided.

All four of us and our driver were hospitalised but seeing as Bailey was the only one who didn’t get taken in on a stretcher and a neck brace he wasn’t treated as urgently. He’s just had his back sewn up and is off to the scrap yard where the RV was taken to get people’s clothes and some personal items – hero.

We’re all very lucky. We’ve mostly just been stitched up (my eyebrow, a few on Carl’s legs and Bailey’s back), badly bruised and what feels like full body whiplash. In car accident terms we’re alright but in general terms we’re not physically capable of continuing on with the tour and aim to get back to our families and friends asap to recover.

We want to thank the paramedics, the passers-by who came to our help, the staff at the hospital and all of the fans and bands that have wished us well. It means the world to us.

Stay safe,


Sylosis - band logo - 2012


Josh Middleton – Guitar/Vocals

Alex Bailey – Guitar

Carl Parnell – Bass

Rob Callard – Drums


* For More Info On SYLOSIS:

Facebook: Sylosis

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