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Guitar Virtuoso Todd Grubbs Releases Two New Albums – ‘Best Of The Guests’ and ‘Toddities volume 2’

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todd grubbs best of the guests - promo cover

Tampa, FL – One of the most talented and innovative guitarists to emerge from Florida, Todd Grubbs has released two new albums digitally in March 2013 – ‘Best Of The Guests’ and ‘Toddities volume 2’. Todd Grubbs, who studied at Berklee College of Music, has been voted ‘Most Outstanding Guitarist’ at the Tampa Bay Music Awards, as well as winning the ‘Most Outstanding Video’ two consecutive years in a row. His guitar prowess has been touted by critics and fans worldwide, and can be witnessed on all his solo albums. Todd has surrounded himself with an array of legendary music artists and musicians which is the inspiration behind the album ‘Best of The Guests’.

‘Best of the Guests’ features Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Black Country Communion), Bryan Beller (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, The Aristocrats), Mike Keneally (Zappa, Solo), Sean Malone (Cynic), Blues Saraceno (Poison, Transmission OK), Chris Poland (Megadeth, Ohm), Don Preston (Zappa), John Wesley (Porcupine Tree), Jerry Outlaw (Bogus Pomp), Pattrick Bettison (Acoustic Alchemy), Mark Prator (Iced Earth), and Ralph Santola (Obituary).

Says Todd, “I have had quite a few amazing players make guest appearances on my albums over the years, so I decided it would be cool to put them all together on one release. I have always been honored that these great musicians would agree to perform on my compositions and their contributions have been stellar across the board. The CD includes one new track I recorded featuring Byran Beller on bass.”

todd grubbs toddities vol 2 - promo cover

Along with Frank Zappa, Grubbs influences, which can be heard throughout both his new releases, range from Steve Vai, John Coltrane, The Beatles, Kate Bush, Jeff Beck, Michael Schenker, Ulli Jon Roth and Adrian Belew.

“Todd takes us to some places we have not been with his playing as well as giving us some of that Zappaesque influenced wild arrangement sensibility that has been a part of his playing for years.” – John Wesley (Porcupine Tree)

The second release is ‘Toddities volume 2’, a collection of esoteric recording by Todd Grubbs. Todd explains, “The CD includes some of my more ‘out there’ recordings that did not fit on other releases. It is really cool how these orphaned songs come together and form their own continuity as if it was a planned out project.”

Currently, Todd is working on a couple of albums worth of vocal tunes with a lot of great singers. Says Todd, “I plan to release at least one of these in 2014. Beyond this I am producing writing and recording with a number of young artists and bands covering a wide variety of styles.”

In closing Todd imparts to his fans and listeners, “I would like to thank everyone who has enjoyed my music over the years, I really love making music and to have people out there that support what I do is amazing esp… with the current music industry situation being in a state of flux so to speak. I have always created my music on my own terms and I am very proud of my work to this point.”

Listen to and watch: Todd Grubbs ‘Best Of The Guests’ medley below!

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