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PLANEPACKED – Announces New Album

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Metaltronica project PLANEPACKED will release their new studio album Transactinides on April 8th, 2022. Transactinides is the first full-length release from the band since frontwoman Jessica Kagan’s gender transition and explores the experience of recreating oneself.

Jessica Comments: 

“Transactinides is the 2nd full length album from PLANEPACKED, scheduled to release on April 8th, 2022. It further develops and expands on the metaltronica sound of my debut (Critical Mass). In particular, it includes songs with sung and harsh vocals for the first time in my career. Highly recommended for fans of extreme metal, IDM, prog, and old-school tracker/scenedemo music.”

Drawing musical influences from the likes of AUTECHRE, IGORRR, DEVIN TOWNSEND, and SUSUMU HIRASAWA, the first three tracks on Transactinides are also inspired in various ways by Jessica’s urban fantasy fiction series, Endian Project. PLANEPACKED opens the threshold to a universe of soundscapes, melodies and explorations of the human existence.

Jessica Kagan: All songwriting, programming, sung vocals
Moss Girl: Harsh vocals
Nu House Studios: Mastering, mixing, vocal recording, production
Mario Teodosio: Visual artwork

Track List:

  1. Azure (Her Clarion Call) (04:36)
  2. Behind the Bitmask (03:34)
  3. Dark Pact (04:13)
  4. Transactinides (05:58)
  5. The Demon Core (05:07)
  6. Red Star Succubus (04:46)
  7. Dual Shock Agent (05:00)
  8. Morphological Freedom (04:42)
  9. Heliotaxis (09:20)
  10. Ascendancy (04:03)

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