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IRON MAIDEN – Remastered Studio Album Discography In Digipak Begins Release On November 16th!

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Parlophone Records (BMG in the US) will continue their reissues series of the IRON MAIDEN catalogue with The Studio Collection – Remastered, covering the band’s sixteen-strong studio albums across their career to date.

Following on from 2014/2017’s black vinyl releases and 2015’s Mastered for iTunes project, The Studio Collection – Remastered will be released on the Digipak CD format, with the track listing matching the original UK releases. The recordings are taken from the same remasters as the 2015 hi-res digital releases. The albums will be released chronologically in batches of four, across a nine month period superseding the previously available studio catalogue and all titles will also be made available on streaming platforms. As a bonus for collectors, one CD from each batch of releases will also be optionally available in a specially artworked box featuring a 1:24 scale figurine and exclusive patch. In the November 16th batch, this will be The Number Of The Beast.

Maiden founder member and bassist Steve Harris says, “We’ve wanted to revisit these for a long time and I was delighted with the remastering we did in 2015. I thought it was the best that our albums have ever sounded and it was only right that we made them available on CD now too.”

All four albums in this first batch are available for pre-order now!

1st batch: November 16th

Iron Maiden / Killers / The Number Of The Beast (option of standard or collectors box set edition including TNOTB Eddie figurine and patch) / Piece Of Mind

2nd batch: Feb 2019

Powerslave / Somewhere In Time (standard/collectors) / Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son / No Prayer For The Dying

3rd batch April 2019

Fear Of The Dark (standard/collectors) / The X Factor / Virtual XI / Brave New World

4th batch June 2019

Dance Of Death / A Matter Of Life And Death (standard/collectors) / The Final Frontier / The Book Of Souls*

*not remastered but appearing in Digipak for the first time

IRON MAIDEN recently completed the first leg of their Legacy Of The Beast tour, playing sold-out stadium, arena and headline festival shows across Europe to over 750,000 fans. The tour, which was hailed by fans and media alike as the must-see show of the summer, will continue into 2019 with a headline show at Brazil’s Rock In Rio festival recently announced and more dates to follow.



5 METAL Albums I Can’t Live Without: The 80’s Edition, Part 1

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Nuclear Assault - Classic Band Logo - #0314NAMO33762

Since we all love to revisit our favorite Metal albums from yesteryear, here are my Five Metal Albums I Cannot Live Without: The 80’s Edition, Part 1. This list is in no particular order and I do include EP’s for this Metal discussion. If you cannot live without any of the following Metal albums as well, feel free to blab about it with a comment. Metal be thy name!

Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin - promo cover pic - #17770

Ozzy Osbourne – The Ultimate Sin

Released in 1986, this is the fourth studio album from the Godfather Of Heavy Metal. With Jake E. Lee on guitar and a powerful lineup of songs, The Ultimate Sin is an album that screams good-times 80’s for me. Never Know Why, Fool Like You and Shot In The Dark are my favorite three songs on this LP. Rest in peace, Randy Castillo.

Metallica - Ride The Lightning promo album pic #2

METALLICA – Ride The Lightning

Before there was a Master Of Puppets, there was Ride The Lightning from 1984. I can remember holding this LP jacket in my hands and staring at both the front and back covers, wondering how a band could play such unbelievable Heavy Metal. It did not take me very long to realize what Thrash Metal was about, once I took ownership of this album. Rest in peace, Cliff Burton.

Anthrax - Armed And Dangerous - promo EP cover pic - #3377JBSIAMO

ANTHRAX – Armed And Dangerous

Released in 1985, this was the first EP from the great Anthrax. I bought it at a (now defunct) chain store named Strawberries Records & Tapes. I bought this EP without hearing a single song from it and it did not disappoint! The cover song of Sex Pistol’s God Save The Queen is whiz-bang, baby!

Queensryche - self-titled EP - #80SQMO

Queensrÿche – (self-titled)

Released back in 1983, this self-titled Queensrÿche EP is as necessary to my Metal world as bottled water is. I remember first hearing the song Queen Of The Reich on a syndicated FM radio show called: Metal Shop. When I heard this song, my life changed for the better, I swear it. My other favorite song from this EP is The Lady Wore Black and it’s a Metal gem!!

Nuclear Assault - Handle With Care - promo album cover pic - #80SNAMO01

NUCLEAR ASSAULT – Handle With Care

From 1989, this was the third studio album from Nuclear Assault and I still have it on cassette! Metal be thy name! It rages from start to finish and now I am pumped-up to slap this cassette into my car stereo! With such songs as Critical Mass, Surgery and a load of others, this album is a keeper! Nuclear Assault are a Thrash Metal band that (without a doubt) helped shape their genre into the Metal force it is today. ‘Nuff said.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1



IRON MAIDEN – Their First 3 Studio Albums Featuring (The Late) Clive Burr On Drums: Are Stone’s METAL Picks Of The Day!

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Iron Maiden - debut album - promo cover pic - large!



IRON MAIDEN – In Metal tribute to the late and forever legendary Clive Burr, I have chosen the first 3 Iron Maiden studio albums as Stone’s METAL Picks Of The Day! Clive Burr was never marketed for an album as many drummers are today. Still, from the very beginning, Clive’s drumming introduced a fresh style, which sounded so natural, that it made the early Metal sound of Iron Maiden vibrate so exquisitely special for me. The NWOBHM was kicking in the door to my Metal soul… and I didn’t even know it back then.

These first 3 Iron Maiden albums still cast a magical Metal spell upon me. Simply put, I’ve never grown tired of them. I absolutely love the vocals of Paul Di’Anno, he brought his uniqueness to the table with Iron Maiden; just as Clive Burr delivered his unique style of drumming on these first 3 Iron Maiden classics.

As I listened back then, as I do today, the beats from Clive Burr were truly unlike any other. How can the haunting intro beats of Run To The Hills be denied? How can the near mystical percussion performance on Remember Tomorrow ever be forgotten? I won’t ever forget Clive Burr… and I know my fellow Metal brethren won’t either.

Iron Maiden - Killers - promo cover pic - large!


The last studio album to feature Paul Di’Anno on vocals and it’s a True Metal treasure to behold! I’ll always choose Murders In The Rue Morgue as my favorite song from Killers. Just hearing Clive Burr pound the cymbals on this song is grand stuff alone!

IRON MAIDEN "The Number Of The Beast" large album pic!!


Just an iconic debut with the legendary Bruce Dickinson! An entire new era of Iron Maiden had been ushered in with The Number Of The Beast. I’d have to pick Hallowed Be Thy Name as my favorite song from this album. Hallowed Be Thy Name can easily be my favorite Iron Maiden song of all-time too.


Iron Maiden - Maiden Japan - Live EP - promo cover pic


This live EP, Maiden Japan, also features Clive Burr during his prime! The album cover above is the version that I own. I was fortunate enough to score this gem on vinyl, at an antiques mall. Price: $10.00 (U.S.). That’s a Metal steal! I’ve seen this vinyl treasure selling online for much more than I paid! Metal be thy name.


For more info on IRON MAIDEN, click on the links below!

facebook: Iron Maiden





DIO “The Last In Line” 24 KT Gold CD Releases November 27th, Via Audio Fidelity

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DIO – Released back in July of 1984, The Last In Line, the second studio album from DIO, carried on what Holy Diver had started: true, classic and timeless Metal. Now, decades later, a 24 KT Gold CD version of The Last In Line releases on November 27th, via Audio Fidelity.

This is a limited numbered edition and makes for a fabulous DIO collectible! Numerous past 24 KT Gold editions have sold out through Audio Fidelity; getting your Metal hands on this special edition of The Last In Line is key! Metal be thy name.

I’ve seen the pre-order price for The Last In Line 24 KT Gold CD at $21.07 (U.S.) on The price at Audio is $24.99 (U.S.).


DIO – Band Lineup On The Last In Line:

Ronnie James Dio – vocals

Vivian Campbell – guitar

Jimmy Bain – bass

Vinny Appice – drums

Claude Schnell – keyboards

THE LAST IN LINE – Track Listing:

We Rock

The Last In Line


I Speed At Night

One Night In The City

Evil Eyes


Eat Your Heart Out

Egypt (The Chains Are On)


For more info, click on the link below!




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