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Australia’s TAROT Sign With CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC

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Photo Credit: Scott Bradshaw

Cruz Del Sur Music is proud to announce the signing of the vintage hard/rock metal outfit TAROT. The label will release the band’s second studio album sometime in 2023. TAROT presents a familiar face from Cruz Del Sur Music: The band’s guitarist and vocalist Will Spectre, also leads arcane metallers THE WIZAR’D.

“I got in touch with Cruz Del Sur when I was looking for a label to release the most recent album from THE WIZAR’D,” he says. “Cruz Del Sur did a great job on that and were very supportive of us, so I thought they would be an excellent choice for the new TAROT album. Luckily for us, Cruz Del Sur was also fans of TAROT and agreed to release the album before they had even heard any songs. We are really looking forward to working on the release with them!”

The TAROT journey began in 2011 when Spectre decided to write songs in the vein of URIAH HEEP, RAINBOW and DEEP PURPLE, bands that, admittedly, he is “obsessed with.” The two-track Take A Look Around demo arrived later that year. After honing the production methods needed to capture a warm, analog sound, TAROT released the Life And Death EP in 2014.

Two subsequent EPs, Dying Daze and The Watchers Dream were released in 2014, setting the stage for TAROT’s first full-length, 2016’s Reflections. The release of Reflections coincided with the expansion of the TAROT lineup to play live. The band now comprises organ and synth player David Harrington-George, guitarist/vocalist Felix Russell, bassist/vocalist Dave Walsh and drummer Mat Frodsham.

“Our current lineup is the strongest and tightest yet,” says Spectre. “I think we work very well together. I couldn’t imagine playing with anyone else. The other guys are also taking on writing duties and have contributed songs to our new album.”

TAROT recently laid down the drums for its aforementioned second full-length album with producer/engineer Joe Haley, with the remainder of the tracking to take place at the band’s home studios. Like previous efforts, TAROT’s new full-length will be self-produced and employ production techniques used in the 1970s.

“I think while the new material is very much in line with the previous stuff, the contributions of the other members will be very noticeable and it may take some people by surprise,” says Spectre. “Everything will be much more lively than before, and there will be a fairly distinct difference in the performance since, for the most part, the older recordings were me working on my own. Fans of our previous works won’t be disappointed, though!”

Source: ClawHammer PR

THE LAST MARTYR – To Release “Afterglow” Single

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Melbourne-based metalcore band THE LAST MARTYR will release their new single, ‘Afterglow’ on August 20th 2021. The track is from their upcoming EP Purgatory. The song is a hard-hitting and nostalgic bop about young love and reflection through rose colored glasses. The track itself features a huge chorus with a twist in the middle via a trap second verse.

Vocalist, Monica Strut, shares the story behind the tune:

“Afterglow was written as an apology to a past lover whose heart I selfishly trod on. It was kind of this push/pull, will they/won’t they situation where it was hard to tell if love was actually apparent or if the idea of love was the appeal. In the end, fear and doubt got in the way before anything could eventuate.

Thinking about the time in my life this person was around, I was immediately transported to a chapter where I was young, partying a lot and living a fairly rock n’ roll lifestyle. The song is a culmination of that time where a lot of bad decisions were made yet everything seemed like an adventure.”

Produced by Chris Lalic (Windwaker, Rumours, To Octavia), the song marks the second installment of the band’s forthcoming EP and will be followed by a video clip in weeks to come.

THE LAST MARTYR are hitting the road in September for a weekend of shows with Heartline. They’ll be supporting the Adelaide band on 3 September at Enigma Bar before headlining The Workers Club on 4 September. Tickets are now available for both shows via Destroy All Lines here:

They will also be playing Halloween Hysteria Festival on 23 October alongside Spiderbait, Clowns, King Parrot, Gravemind and more. Tickets are available here:

‘Afterglow,’ will be available worldwide on streaming services on 20th August.

Pre-save it now here:

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MY DYNAMITE – 5 Reasons To Buy This Solid Rockin’ Debut / ST Album Showcasing These Australian Rockers

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MY DYNAMITE – Releasing on June 19th, 2012, is the debut and self-titled album from Australia’s My Dynamite. Listenable Records has signed a dandy Rock ‘N Roll band here. My Dynamite is a very talented Rock band you should know about and their debut album you should strongly consider buying this Summer, I’ll tell you why:

01. – Hot Rockin’. No, I’m not talking about the fabulously riveting Judas Priest song, I’m talking about this entire My Dynamite album. Honestly, from start to finish, My Dynamite has given the world ten songs to party to or just kick back and enjoy the moment to. This album can turn a shit day into an easy livin’ one, in under 30 seconds. It happened for me already.

02. – My Dynamite may sound like The Black Crowes and don’t sound like ABBA, while lead singer Pat Carmody may sound like Chris Robinson; still My Dynamite is an original from Down Under and obviously know the true meaning of Rock Steady. They mix Southern Rock, Blues Rock and 70’s Party Rock with a commendable and all-encompassing Classic Rock feel and vibe. It all sounds like Rock ‘N Roll hallelujah to me.

03. – My Dynamite have “written songs that express what is going on in their personal lives directly” and it comes across just so. This album is as blue-collar as they come, with a flair for the backwoods and small town Rock ‘N Roll spirit; a spirited sound which comes at me from every turn.


04. – This cool band plays feel-good Rock ‘N Roll for sure and those good-times vibrations are spilling out from these songs like a waterfall. Pat Carmody’s vocals and harmonica on Take It Or Leave It sends me back to those days when technology didn’t rule my every move and that alone is good-times for me.

05. – What this debut album from My Dynamite will give you, is that slick Rock ‘N Roll head-slap that everyone needs once in a while. No blanket of Modern Hard Rock sound. No fancy gimmicks or tricks. No Alternative or Progressive leanings. No extremes. Just straight-up Rock that has tons of Roll is what My Dynamite delivers and this debut from them is a Rockin’ knock-out punch.

Now… kick your pissed-off and constipated attitude out the door… and get yourself some My Dynamite.


Patrick Carmody – Lead Vocals

Jorge Balas – Guitar

Travis Fraser – Bass

Simon Aarons – Drums

Benny Wolf – Guitar


MY DYNAMITE – Track Listing:

Take It Or Leave It

Inside Out

If We’re Livin’

Dirty Game

Watch Yourself Grow

Raise Your Glasses

Singing Stormy Weather

Big Attraction

All That She Brings

Fork In Your Tongue


For more info on MY DYNAMITE, click on the links below:



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