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HELLGATE – Hard Rock / Metal Trio Release Debut S/T EP

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Helgate - promo cover pic - ep - 2014

Stone Notes: This is HELLGATE. They have earned a ton of support out in the Northwest and in their home base of Montana; and are now looking to brand themselves nationwide. HELLGATE’s debut S/T EP is available for free or name your price on their Bandcamp page (see below).

HELLGATE’s talent and credibility do all the talking on this bragworthy EP, with an impressive mix of many Heavy Rock genres that flows into one original sound. Joel Floyd West has vocals that you’ll remember, cause he’s not trying to sound like someone else. This is a standout underground band and debut EP that I’m giving you all a Metal heads-up on. I’m very pleased, to have this opportunity to feature HELLGATE on Metal Odyssey for the first time. Don’t miss out on HELLGATE. Metal be thy name.



HELLGATE – Since the bands’ formation in March of 2014, HELLGATE has accomplished a great deal, including an appearance on NBC-TV as well as write ups in a number of local and regional papers including The Lively Times and The Independent.

HELLGATE has already received some national radio airplay and has created a strong web presence in such a very short time as well.

Now, with the release of their Self-Titled Debut EP, the band is ready to go national. The KillHate Tour kicks off July 3rd, and will take the band through MT, WA, OR, CA, and NV. Proceeds from this tour will be donated to NPAP against police brutality.

Haunting grooves, aggressive hooks, and seductive textures describe the organic yet formulaic delivery that HELLGATE has to offer on this 6 song, 24 minute release.

Hellgate - promo band pic - 2014 - #33863

Joel Floyd West – Guitar, Vocals
Brandon Eden – Bass
Jordan Sean – Drums


Listen to and support HELLGATE by clicking on the Bandcamp player below! Metal Be Thy Name!

The newly released HELLGATE EP (May 31st) is available for free streaming and download on these top sites:

*Band Camp:


Sound Cloud:



Vampire Freaks:


TV appearance on NBC Missoula, Montana:


Source for HELLGATE info & photos: HELLGATE

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