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TITANS EVE – “Life Apocalypse” An Inferno Of Thrash From A Fast Rising Metal Battalion

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TITANS EVE – 2012 has proven to be a quantum Metal leap forward for the Thrash Metal battalion from Vancouver, BC, known as Titans Eve. With their second full-length, Life Apocalypse, being released on July 13th, the Metal momentum for Titans Eve is on full-scale-Thrash-throttle. As an opening act for the legendary KORN back on June 29th, along with Summer tour dates opening for the supergroup KILL DEVIL HILL and also legendary ANVIL, Titans Eve is a Thrash force that have caught the attention of their Metal peer elite.

As I’ve listened to Life Apocalypse, I’ve come to realize that Titans Eve isn’t trying to sound like the other guys. Titans Eve hasn’t run off with old school fever. Titans Eve hasn’t caved into an over-swollen modern persona of sound either. Instead, Titans Eve truly plays their own scorching brand of Thrash Metal. Yes, the overall feel, vibe and sound that Titans Eve has tapped into has given me every reason to believe they will be around in another decade… or two.

When it pertains to level of heaviness, the Thrash from Titans Eve is not nearly as punishing as Slayer or present day Exodus, nevertheless, Titans Eve still plays Thrash in the heavy vein as ANVIL, AnthraxDeath Angel and Testament’s 1992’s offering The Ritual. Trust me, Titans Eve doesn’t need to go extreme, this band gets their Thrashin’ point across with admirable skill and polish.


Brian Gamblin’s vocals and the totality of musicianship is very refined and refreshing, with no glimmer of trying to strip things down to be acknowledged as “extra cool.” I’ve found Life Apocalypse to be free of any fillers, however, a musical detour is taken with A Wound That Never Heals and it’s a mellow break in the Thrash action. This instrumental is an excellent listen and legendary Thrash bands before Titans Eve have chilled out with a mid-tempo/mellow song and/or instrumental too.

Life Apocalypse is an inferno of Thrash to get your ears into. My favorite song here is Frozen In Time; still this album as a whole is a 2012 favorite. The shredding, sizzling solos, riffage, hammering rhythm section and gang vocals are all here, with confident, strong and expressive vocals from Brian Gamblin. With the young guns of Thrash, the likes of HemoptysisWarbringer, HAVOK, Bonded By Blood and Titans Eve, I can rest easy knowing that this beloved genre will remain a Metal force to be reckoned with for many, many years to come.

Buy Life Apocalypse and it will serve you Metal right. In keeping their sonic identity as unique as possible, Titans Eve have weaved decades of Thrash elements together and are undeniably real. Thrash Metal fans of any generation should appreciate what Titans Eve have created for quality songs on this album. Metal fans of any genre will know this is the stuff when they hear it too. Metal be thy name.


Brian Gamblin – Guitars and lead Vocals

Kyle Gamblin – guitars and vocals

Jesse Hord – bass

Casey Ory – drums


LIFE APOCALYPSE – Track Listing:

Overcast (Intro)

Destined To Die

Road To Ruin

Descension (Instrumental)

The Abyss

Life Apocalypse

A Wound That Never Heals (Instrumental)

Divided We Fall

Hollow Gods

Frozen In Time

The Void


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TITANS EVE – Streaming New Album ‘Life Apocalypse’ On Exclaim! Mag

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Summer Tours With ANVIL and KILL DEVIL HILL

Vancouver Thrashers Titans Eve whom opened for KORN this past weekend in Dawson Creek, BC at the EnCana Events Centre have teamed up with Canada’s music authority Exclaim! Magazine to share with fans an exclusive listen of their new album ‘Life Apocalypse’ before its release on July 13th at the following location here.

“They say if you stare into the abyss too long, the abyss stares back.  So instead just listen. Here is our album Life Apocalypse.” says vocalist / guitarist Brian Gamblin.

The titans are also offering fans a FREE T-shirt with every pre-order of their new album via their bandcamp here and will be on tours this summer with Anvil and Kill Devil Hill.

Tour Dates w/ ANVIL:

July 30, 2012 – The Exchange – Regina, SK w/ ANVIL + guests

July 31, 2012 – The Odeon – Saskatoon, SK w/ ANVIL, Untimely Demise, Lavagoat, Agony Spawn, Caym

August 1, 2012 – The Scott Block – Red Deer, AB w/ ANVIL, Day One

August 2, 2012 – The Pawn Shop – Edmonton, AB w/ ANVIL + guests

August 3, 2012 – The Distillery – Calgary, AB w/ ANVIL + guests

August 4, 2012 – The Sapphire Lounge – Kelowna, BC w/ ANVIL

August 5, 2012 – The Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC w/ ANVIL, Skullhammer, Dead Asylum



August 9, 2012 – Dicken’s Pub – Calgary, AB

August 10, 2012 – Badland Community Center – Drumheller, AB

August 11, 2012 – The Vat – Red Deer, AB

August 12, 2012 – The Pawn Shop – Edmonton, AB

August 16, 2012 – Corktown Pub – Hamilton, ON

August 17, 2012 – The Rockpile – Toronto, ON

August 18, 2012 – The Underworld – Montreal, QC

August 19, 2012 – L’Agitee – Quebec City, QC

August 20, 2012 – Mavericks – Ottawa, ON

For more info on Titans Eve please visit their official website or follow them on their Facebook fanpage and Twitter.


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TITANS EVE – Posts Album Teaser For ‘Life Apocalypse’, FREE T-Shirts With Pre-Orders

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So it’s 2012 and the end of time may be near, or so they say, but that’s no reason to panic because Vancouver-based Metal masters Titans Eve are gearing up to unleash their second full-length album, the extremely timely and aptly titled, ‘Life Apocalypse’, which can now be previewed at the following link here ( and is available for pre-order with a FREE T-shirt on the bands bandcamp for a limited time only here.(

After touring North America last summer in support of their debut album ‘The Divine Equal’ that was received with great acclaim including being named ‘Album of the Month’ (Sept 2011) by Metal Hammer Germany and conquering the #7 on the Top 20 of 2011 Canadian Loud Charts. Titans Eve returned the studio to begin work on their 11 track  follow-up Thrasher ‘Life Apocalypse’ produced by the band and recorded by Sacha Laskow of Divinity at Perfect Fifth Studios in Calgary, AB.

“We’re all very excited to start sharing ‘Life Apocalypse’ with fans. This is just taste of what’s to come from this head banging summer soundtrack. So turn it all the way up, grab a bottle of your favourite drink and start doing shots to the moshing sounds of Titans Eve.” says guitarist Kyle Gamblin.

Following the release of ‘Life Apocalypse’ this summer on Friday, July 13th, Titans Eve will once again pile into the “Titan Train” (i.e. their 2007 Ford E-350 van) and travel across Canada, bringing their music to as great an audience as possible, supporting Canadian Metal heavyweights Anvil and oh, so much more until the clock stops ticking.

For more info on Titans Eve please visit their official website or follow them on their Facebook fanpage and Twitter.


Stone Says: Titans Eve is worth your Metal time to check out. Their brand of Metal/Thrash should kick your ass. Metal be thy name.


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