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LUCIFER’S HAMMER – “Night Sacrifice (Demo MMXII)” Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Lucifers Hammer - demo MMXII - promo cover pic - 2014

LUCIFER’S HAMMER – I’m gonna say it straight, Lucifer’s Hammer has made this Metalhead one happy Metal camper! Just in time for Spring, this tidy, 3 song EP from Santiago, Chile’s, True Metal troupe, will be raging LOUD from my home stereo speakers, laptop and car. It’s time to crank the windows down and blast some Lucifer’s F’n Hammer! Yet again, a fine new band that has tapped into the True Metal sound of yesteryear!

Night Sacrifice (Demo MMXII) has a Metal ton going for it, with the (old school) vocal echoes included! From the info I’ve gathered, Lucifer’s Hammer is: Hades (Vocals, Guitars) and Titan (Drums). These two Metal dudes have flat-out nailed it! I’d hate to see this band refine a damn thing; the raw and retrospective vibes that jump out of these 3 songs makes damn cool Metal sense to me!

True/Traditional Metal fans cannot pass up on Lucifer’s Hammer! Fans of (early) Manowar, Witch Cross, Hell, Sinister Realm, Satan, (early) Iron Maiden, (early) Judas Priest, (early) Fates Warning, Obsession and the (original) NWOBHM explosion must give Lucifer’s Hammer a listen!

Listen below for yourself and hear why Lucifer’s Hammer’s new EP is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day! Buy this EP! Support Lucifer’s Hammer! Metal be thy name!

Purchase the digital album of Night Sacrifice (Demo MMXII) by clicking that link below! Whoa!

Track Listing & Running Times:

01 – Wolf (4:16)

02 – Shadows (5:20)

03 – Night Sacrifice (4:54)

Lucifer's Hammer - promo album banner pic - 2014 - #440

* For more info on LUCIFER’S HAMMER:

Facebook: Lucifer’s Hammer

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